SENSOQUEST Labcycler 48 – Gradient Thermocycler (PCR)


Founded in 2005, SensoQuest GmbH launched the first conventional PCR instrument Labcycler Basic and Gradient with the number of thermoblocks 48, 96, and 384. Then in 2008 SensoQuest GmbH released the smallest Triple Block system, followed by Labcycler 48 in 2010. Conventional PCR manufacturer from Goettingen, Germany, this one is already very trusted, because they have physicists, engineers and biologists who have more than 20 years of experience so there is no doubt the quality of their products.

SensoQuest Labcycler 48 is a conventional PCR tool that is no less sophisticated than the previous version, namely SensoQuest Labcycler basic. The difference lies in the size and capacity of the tube. Version 48 is smaller in size and is more aimed at researchers who want to perform PCR with a capacity of 48 thermoblock tubes with a volume of 0.2 ml. The thermoblock tubes themselves have a 6 x 8 arrangement.

Apart from the capacity of the tube that can be operated, a striking difference also lies in the thermoblock option and the temperature setting. Labcycler 48 has a smaller size so it is more practical and saves space. As for the thermoblock option and heat settings, it can be seen from the various types. This instrument itself consists of three types, namely Labcycler 48, Labcycler 48 Gradient, and Labcycler 48s Gradient.

The Labcycler 48, like its predecessor, has an aluminum thermoblock base and can only operate at the same temperature. For this type, the maximum heating rate is 3.5 ° C / second and the cooling rate is 3.2 ° C / second. As for the Gradient series, the temperature distribution can be different because it is divided into 8 zones with the same heating rate and cooling rate because the basic ingredients of the thermoblock are the same. On the other hand, the Labcycler 48s is made of silver plated with gold (gold plated silver blocks). With the division of 8 zones, this tool is able to share different temperatures with a maximum limit of heating rate and cooling rate of 5 ° C / second.

All three are also equipped with a touch screen (TFT touchscreen) which is user friendly. Data can be copied easily to the Labcycler with an RS232 cable. Its security is guaranteed by password protection (password) which is stored in a special catalog / directory and can be accessed by 64 specific users. The instrument can secure data or processes that stop suddenly when a power cut occurs without having to bother repeating all the steps from the beginning. Therefore, it is very clear that these three types of SensoQuest Labcycler 48 are convenient, safe, and very easy tools for DNA amplification.