Thermo Scientific Heratherm® General Protocol Incubators


Thermo Scientific Heratherm® Microbiological Incubators is one of the series of microbiological incubators from Thermo Fisher Scientific with four optional models and three different incubator airflows. Everything was made based on many microbiological research needs and, surely, have been through the strictest procedures within the best supervision. No wonder Thermo Scientific creates high-quality incubators like this series that researchers around the world are always looking for. The Thermo Scientific Heratherm® Microbiological Incubators offers high security, convenience, and efficiency which are not easily found in other incubators.

Flexible and user-friendly, Thermo Scientific Heratherm® Microbiological Incubators are also very easy to handle thanks to the smart user interface, so the temperature can be easily adjusted. The design is so simple yet elegant, and the interior (chamber) is spacious and have rounded corners, making it easier to check and clean up periodically. Even the interior shelf can be easily disassembled, so you can set it as much as you need. Coupled with the small footprint, this incubator series does not fill the room and gives some spaces which is very efficient. Not to forget that the alarm which works very well every time it detects temperature deviation.

For those who need an incubator with a strong, durable design that can be used routinely, and also can be applied in pharmacy, medical, food, and in research laboratories, Thermo Scientific Heratherm® General Protocol Incubators is the answer. It is a well-made incubator because it is made from stainless steel. It is also flexible, amazing, and user friendly, this tool offers brilliant performance with a temperature uniformity of +0.6°C and temperature stability at +0.2°C. The temperature itself can be set between +5°C to 75°C. This instrument also provides a gentle airflow thanks to its gravity convection.

This tool also consists of three models, each has capacity of 60 L, 100 L, 180 L, and large capacity of 405 L and 747 L. It is also equipped with smart user interface that displays easy-to-read tool setting, including the timer which can be programmed to automatically switch the machine on or off within 24 hours. Last but not least, the rack system can be disassembled in just one simple click. It can be cleaned and easily rearranged as you wish. This tool is truly an incubator that is needed by all microbiology researchers in the world!

Thermo Scientific Heratherm® General Protocol Incubators is also available at GeneCraft Labs, the official distributor of Thermo Scientific’s products in Indonesia.

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