Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Ovens


The Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ Ovens is one of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s series of highest quality ovens. The Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ Ovens series offers many advantages: it is very efficient, definitely easy to operate, and guaranteed safety. It is all thanks to its unique door design that can reduce heat emission so that it will save energy and increase productivity. The sensor also runs very well in giving a warning of over-temperature or data access deviation. Besides, it is very easy to clean and adjust the operation setting. No wonder this is an attractive and ideal oven.

The Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ Ovens consists of three types: General Protocol, Advanced Protocol, and Advanced Protocol Security. All of them are distinguished by temperature and additional technological features which become the main aspects of each model. For the General Protocol type, this tool has the ability to adapt to heat and can do optimal drying applications up to temperatures of 250°C. Meanwhile, the Advanced Protocol type offers its advanced technology to improve heating capabilities up to 330°C with the highest accuracy. Last, the Advanced Protocol Security type can provide additional security features for samples so it is safe to heat them up to 330°C.

Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Ovens offers more advantages in terms of flexibility and accuracy. Compared to the previous type, which is Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens, this instrument is perfect for researchers who need complex sterilization. It has capacity of 61 L, 99 L, 168 L (gravity convection) and 62 L, 97 L, 120 L (mechanical convection). It works with the highest level of temperature uniformity up to 330°C. It uses super minimun energy and also equipped with:

  • Access port allows the introduction of sensors for independent data monitoring
  • A simple calibration routine ensures temperature accuracy over time
  • Boost function enables rapid heating up

The interesting part is, it is also completed with a timer that works very well and can even be adjusted as your needs (it can even be set weekly!) so that the sterilization process can run smoothly and meet your research needs. Besides, the fan can also be adjusted easily using five speed settings to align with the airflow.

The Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Oven is also available at GeneCraft Labs, the official distributor of Thermo Scientific’s products in Indonesia.