The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method is no longer a complex thing thanks to Rotor-Gene Q. Analyzing gene expression and quantitative equivalent DNA methylation is made easier thanks to the rotor format. This is due to its rugged design and rotating system that keeps each sample tube at the same temperature throughout the process, creating a fluorescent sample when aligned with the detection optics. This is what makes Qiagen Rotor Gene Q a real-time PCR machine with very accurate results, even with a high level of sensitivity.

Unlike other PCR machines, the unique and futuristic design of the Rotor Gene Q also reduces the possibility of variations between samples as well as edge effects on the block system. In addition, the use of a rotor in the machine as a sample container also provides several advantages, including reducing the temperature variation between samples (less than 0.02 ° C) so that the temperature will be more even, and there is no need to use the ROX reference dye. So, it’s no wonder that it works really fast and the results are convincing.

Due to its high temperature and optical performance capabilities, the use of Rotor-Gene Q is also very suitable not only for gene expression analysis and DNA methylation but also for other High-Resolution Melting (HRM ™) applications such as pathogen detection, mutation analysis, genotyping. , to research on miRNA – combined with other Qiagen kits.

The Rotor-Gene Q PCR machine is also equipped with software that can make it easier for researchers to perform data analysis whose safety is guaranteed. Using the latest algorithmic work system, this software also stores changes or experiments that have been carried out, making it very easy to track the development of researchers’ work. The results presented also consist of various kinds of reports with an export function that can be used for validation. In fact, with its sophistication that allows the use of multiple users, digital signatures are also included for increased security.

So what about the maintenance or maintenance of the device? So easy, barely even there. Because the Gene Q Rotor does not require calibration or even periodic lamp replacement because it is equipped with an LED that is guaranteed to last. Likewise, the tube and rotor, the Rotor-Disc ™, also work very flexibly, so you don’t have to bother if one day you want to change the format according to your needs. One Rotor-Disc ™ can even contain 96 samples plus 4 reference wells. Practical, efficient, fast, can load a lot, and the results are just right!


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