QIAGEN PyroMark Q48 Autoprep


In order to find out mutations in genes and to see variations in DNA sequences optimally, using QIAGEN PyroMark Q48 Autoprep is the answer. It becomes a crucial instrument and is needed in a variety of studies, particularly drug resistance testing in pathogens, the role of epigenetic DNA methylation in regulation of gene expression, and genetic markers in mitochondrial DNA forensic samples.

Besides its application to some of the things mentioned above, QIAGEN PyroMark Q48 Autoprep is also able to provide deeper insight into quantitative analysis in DNA methylation with high-throughput which means it can smoothly process multiple samples in a single running. With the help of multiple primer dispensation, QIAGEN PyroMark Q48 Autoprep can help researchers to discover new things or inventions in the methylation, mutation, and SNP quantification.

PyroMark Q48 Autoprep also offers some benefits for its users:

  • Works fully automated to minimize the manual system
  • Equipped with software analysis and systems that work intuitively so it is easier for users to control the whole process

Its robust design also allows this instrument to perform all stages of pyrosequencing in a comprehensive and non-burdensome way so that can be used for a long time. Its is undoubtedly provides an optimal performance, considering that this instrument is also equipped with user-friendly software, so that the pyrosequencing process becomes more flexible and is no longer seen as something complex.

Not to forget that the word “advanced” embedded as a part of this instrument’s name shows its superiority as a pyrosequencing instrument with advanced technology in algorithm and its chemistry. The algorithm and the chemistry have been upgraded to reduce the background and increase its read length and reliability.

Besides its sophisticated software, QIAGEN PyroMark Q48 Autoprep is also equipped with a new disc design that can allow its users to prepare templates without having to experience cross-contamination. The entire template preparation runs automatically without having to rely on interaction or manual operation. Not only that, but all buffers used for template preparation will also be removed from the sample and disk during the process efficiently.

QIAGEN PyroMark Q48 Autoprep can be ordered through our company, PT GeneCraft Labs, the official distributor of QIAGEN products in Indonesia. For further information and details please contact us or refer to QIAGEN website.