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Nucleofector® Technology has been at the forefront of non-viral transfection for over 20 years, including for difficult-to-transfect cells. The next generation 4D Nucleofector Platform by Lonza provides even more flexibility and the same trusted performance while being even easier to use.

4D – Nucleofector

The 4D-Nucleofector® Core Unit can run up to three functional modules instantaneously, allowing for customized experimental setups and facilitating scale-up from low to high-volume transfection.

The modular design of the nucleofector platform, which includes units for small, medium, and large scale, adherent cells, and cells in suspension, allows us to improve the 4D Nuclefector system to your specific research requirements. The 4d nucleofector core unit can be supplemented with up to three functional units, each of which is suitable for a different application.

4D Nucleofector® Units include:

  • Core Unit – Programming display, 8-inch intuitive touchscreen
  • X Unit –  Nucleofection of various cell numbers in different formats 100µL curvettes and 20µL 16-well strips
  • Y Unit – Enabling adherent Nucleofection  cells in 24-well culture plates 96-well
  • Higher throughput Nucleofection Experiments in Unit – Simultaneous transfection of up to 96 samples

Lonza nex generation

There are cell type-specific optimized protocols or recommendations available in our knowledge center. in these optimized protocols the best nucelofection conditions are indicated. in addition, we share our experience and knowledge for treatment of individual cell types.

Modular design for unmatched flexibility in scale and throughput

  • All modules fully integrated in one system, including single, 16 well, 24-well, and 96-well formats
  • Seamless transfer of transfection conditions between different Nucleofection Vessels
  • Preconfigured system for convenient “plug & play” set up in less than two minutes
  • Easy setup and management of experiments via intuitive software and touchscreen display
  • High transfection efficiency, up to 90% for plasmid DNA and 99% for oligonucleotides
  • Provides excellent preservation of physiological status and viability of transfected cells
  • Optimized transfection protocols for >750 cell types



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