Thermo Scientific™ Helix MC Plus ™ Multicollector Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer


The Thermo Scientific™ HELIX MC Plus ™static vacuum mass spectrometer is a state-of-the-art magnetic sector mass spectrometer for the high precision isotopic analysis of small samples of all of the noble gases. It comprises a magnetic sector analyzer with 35 cm, 120 ̊ extended geometry ion optics. The geometry combines excellent ion optic performance with two-direction focusing and high dispersion. This instrument represents the ultimate tool for the isotopic measurement of the noble gases.

Measure any five isotopes of neon, argon, krypton or xenon simultaneously at new levels of resolution with the Thermo Scientific™ Helix MC Plus™ multicollector noble gas mass spectrometer, the ultimate noble gas solution. Its high-resolution magnetic sector analyzer with 35 cm, 120 degree extended geometry ion optics make it the most advanced static vacuum mass spectrometer (SVMS) for the isotopic analysis of small samples of the noble gases.

Up to a total of 5 detectors are fitted to the Thermo HELIX MC Plus noble gas MS. The detectors are Faraday/ion counting multiplier CFM detectors. These collectors contain both a voltage suppressed deep Faraday bucket and an ion counting CuBe type electron multiplier. The position of the low 1 & 2 and the high 1 & 2 collectors can be externally adjusted. The axial is fixed. As an option, either the low 1 or low 2 CFM collectors can be specified to work at a higher resolution (≥ 1,500), in order to separate 20Ne+ from 40Ar2+.

Full computer control and storage of all source parameters including trap current and ion repeller voltage, full color display, including a numeric and graphical display of ion beams and pressure gauges and a graphical valve status display, full access to valve control when automatic sequences not in operation, Ion beams and isotope ratio display during data acquisition to allow operator assessment of data quality during analysis.


Advanced Noble Gas Solution

  • Resolve many hydrocarbon interferences with the standard resolution detector (>750 @ 10% peak valley), or chose the optional high-resolution detector for even greater clarity (>1500 @ 10% peak valley)
  • Reduce analysis times and increase productivity through the simultaneous measurement of up to five isotopes; no peak jumping required
  • Gain ultra-high-resolution from the large-radius ion optics geometry combined with innovative ion optical elements
  • Improve accuracy with incredible levels of sensitivity, enabled by a new X- & Z-focused Nier-type bright source
  • Easily measure peak jumps when needed (e.g. helium isotopes)
  • Enable the measurement of a wide and dynamic range of sample concentrations via the highly advanced, combined Faraday multiplier (CFM) detector
  • Conduct the majority of analyses on long-life Faraday detectors thanks to amplifier innovations


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