SENSOQUEST Labcycler Thermocycler


Founded in 2005, SensoQuest GmbH launched the first conventional Labcycler Basic and Gradient PCR instruments with thermoblock counts of 48, 96 and 384. Then in 2008 SensoQuest GmbH released the smallest Triple Block system, followed by Labcycler 48 in 2010 and Labcycler Thermocycler Manufacturers. This conventional PCR from Goettingen, Germany is already very trusted, because they have physicists, engineers and biologists who have more than 20 years of experience so there is no doubt the quality of their products.

SensoQuest Labcycler, also known as Thermocycler, is the ideal conventional PCR tool. This is because the PCR can operate the Peltier element 600,000 times without problems making it a robust tool as it can last up to 20 years.

This Labcycler has a thermoblock base material made of aluminium. However, the thermoblock can also be replaced with a gold-plated silver block which is designed to both regulate heat and be the best heat conductor. This tool works with high speed and low energy consumption, which is a maximum of 350 watts. Once efficient energy is used, the resulting carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide footprint) emissions are even less. In addition, this instrument can also minimize the noise that usually comes from the cooling fan.

The option of using a control processor with three gold-plated silver blocks plus a separate Peltier element enables this conventional PCR to disperse temperatures well without worrying about damage. With a heating rate of 4.2 ° C / second and a cooling rate in the range of 3.6 ° C / sec, the temperature transfer that occurs can be sure to run fast and produce accurate results. Triple Block which also complements the advanced performance in it allows researchers to run three different programs on one machine.

A touch screen setup (TFT touchscreen) with a sturdy and user-friendly design and comes with built-in software. SensoQuest can copy data from one device to another using an RS232 cable modem. The entire PCR process from start to finish runs smoothly and safely with the guarantee that the device will restart automatically in the event of a power cut. The memory feature ensures that after a power cut, the running process will resume in accordance with the last stage carried out without repeating from the beginning.

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