SENSOQUEST Labcycler 48 – Gradient Thermocycler (PCR)


Established in 2005, SensoQuest GmbH first produced conventional PCR The Labcycler Basic and Gradient contained with Thermoblocks 48, 96, and 384. In 2008, SensoQuest GmbH produced the smallest Triple Block system, followed by The Labcycler 48 in 2010. This German conventional PCR manufacturer has physicists, engineers, and biologists that have worked together for more than 20 years. As a result, SensoQuest produces products that are robust, excellent in stability and are able to achieve great accuracy.

Sensoquest Labcycler 48, or commonly known as Thermocycler 48 or also Labcycler Gradient, is a conventional PCR instrument that is no less reliable than the previous/basic version. The differences lie on the size and the capacity of its sample volume. This Labcycler 48 is more intended for researchers who want to do PCR method with capacity of 48 wells of thermoblock tubes, each filled with 0.2 ml sample. Those thermoblock tubes are in an ordered arrangement of 6 x 8 which also work very well with single tube and stripe.

Besides its size and the capacity, the differences also lie on the temperature management and its variant. The Labcycler 48 has a smaller size which is why it is more practical and saving space. As for the variant, it consists of three types: Labcycler 48, Labcycler 48 Gradient, and Labcycler 48s Gradient.

Labcycler 48, just like its previous type (the basic one), use aluminum as its thermoblock’s material and can only operate at the same temperature. The maximum heating rate is 3.5°C/s and the cooling rate is 3.2°C/s. As for the Labcycler 48 Gradient, since it is divided into 8 zones, the temperature shifts can be vary. The heating rate and cooling rate are also the same with Labcycler 48 because of its thermoblock’s material (both were made from aluminium). On the other side, Labcycler 48s’ thermoblocks were made of gold-plated silver blocks. By dividing the gradient into 8 zones, this instrument is able to distribute the temperature differently within the heating rate and cooling rate of 5°C/sec at its maximum.

Just like the previous one, this tool is also equipped with a user-friendly TFT touchscreen and the programs can even be copied to the bigger versions of Labcycler. If you need more secure in archiving your (temperature programs) data, it can be stored in directories that is protected by passwords for 64 users. Not to mention the well-established and revolutionary design, completed with the triple gold-plated silver blocks (Labcycler 48, Labcycler 48 Gradient, and Labcycler 48s Gradient), and–of course–the automatic re-start system and automatic lid, offers a new way in achieving great results without having to restart from the beginning everytime a power failure occurs while also maintaining low energy consumption.

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