S2 PICOFOX – Benchtop TXRF Spectrometer


Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectroscopy is a well-established method for trace element analysis of a variety of samples.  The benefit of TXRF over conventional XRF included a significant enhancement in fluorescence yield, greatly reduced background noise and consequently much higher sensitivities to elements present even in trace amounts.

The S2 PICOFOX is a portable benchtop TXRF spectrometer featuring an air-cooled low power X-ray tube and a liquid nitrogen-free Silicon Drift Detector (SDD).  Further improvement in sensitivity is gained through the selection of more brilliant X-ray tubes and the development of detectors with increased active areas.

The S2 PICOFOX is available in a standard configuration for applications with average requirements on detection limits and/or measurement times. However, a High-Efficiency Module (HEM), which includes a micro-focus X-ray tube and large-area detector, provides enhanced sensitivity. The S2 PICOFOX in standard configuration has detection limits down to 2 ppb can be obtained for real water samples (NIST 1640). When the spectrometer is equipped with a more brilliant X-ray tube and a large-area detector — the High-Efficiency Module — the detection limits approach 100 ppt. This represents a 20 times increase in sensitivity

The analysis of toxic elements in freshwater samples is a very important task. Compared to common methods like Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICPOES) the application of Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence

(TXRF) spectrometry provides several benefits:

  • Fast and easy sample preparation
  • No external calibration necessary
  • Multi-element analysis including halogenides
  • Low analytical operation and maintenance costs
  • Portability for on-site analysis in the field.


S2 Picofox have several key advantages compared to XRF spectrometers, that is due to the use of monochromatic radiation and total reflection optics and the S2 PICOFOX provides the following benefits:

  • Detection limits down to 0.1 ppb due to enhanced fluorescence yield and reduced background
  • Reduced absorption and scattering effects in the sample matrix allow simple quantification
  • Higher sensitivity to elements present in trace amounts
  • Analysis of the smallest sample amounts in the nanogram or microgram range


S2 Picofox can be used in several application fields, such as:

  • Authenticity tests of pharmaceutical Samples
  • Quality control of liquid nutrients and milk powder
  • Trace elements in river, lake, and seawater
  • Toxicological analysis of blood and urine
  • Monitoring of cancer medication in the blood
  • Quality and origin control and of wine
  • Elemental composition of nanoparticles
  • Fast wipe tests for contamination control


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