QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q – Real Time PCR System


Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) will no longer be a complicated method with Rotor-Gene Q. Thanks to its solid design and rotary format, analyzing gene expression and quantitative DNA methylation will be much easier. Since the rotary format keeps remaining each tube of sample at the same temperature throughout the process, it produces illuminated samples when each tube aligns with detection optics. This makes Rotor-Gene Q a real-time PCR that gives sensitive and well-thorough results.

Unlike other PCR cyclers, Rotor-Gene Q’s unique and futuristic design also eliminates the possibility of sample-to-sample variation as well as edge effects. In addition, the rotary design also gives several benefits like well-to-well variation below +0,02°C from one well to another periodically, and you do not have to use ROX reference dye thanks to the uniform detection. It really works rapidly and provides credible results.

Since Rotor-Gene Q notably works with heat and optics, it is very ideal not only for gene expression analysis and DNA methylation, but also for other High-Resolution Melting (HRM™) applications such as pathogen detection, mutation analysis, genotype, and miRNA research–and of course by integrating it with other Qiagen kits.

This instrument is also equipped with software that is easy-to-use and very convenient in carrying out the calculation phase and, surely, guaranteed safety. Using the latest algorithm system, this software also brilliantly keeps the track of changes of experiments, making it easier to see the progress of previous researches. The results also consist of various type of reports completed with export reports that can be used for validation. On top of that, it provides a digital signature for every file–even can be used by unlimited user–and still maintain the security very well.

Then what about the maintenance? It’s almost nil–please note happily that Rotor-Gene Q does not require optical alignment, calibration, or even lamp replacement because it is already completed with remarkably steady and durable LED. Even the Rotor-Disc™ included inside is undoubtedly flexible, so you can change the format easily based on your needs. One Rotor-Disc™ can even load up to 96-well plate added with 4 reference walls. It truly gives a sensitive, high-quality performance with minimum error possibilities!

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