BIOSAN – Mirospin 12 Microcentrifuge


High-speed mini-centrifuge Microspin 12 is a compact desktop centrifuge designed for biomedical laboratories. Microspin 12 is used for extracting RNA/DNA samples, sedimentation of biological components, biochemical and chemical analysis of microsamples.

A display simultaneously shows actual and set values for:

  1. Centrifugation time;
  2. Set and actual speed values;
  3. Relative centrifugal force.

A brushless motor provides noiseless performance at the maximal speed and long service life. An annular rotor is designed for the accommodation of 12 Eppendorf microtubes and spin columns. The rotor is made of aluminum, it is equipped with fixing lid and included in the standard specification of the centrifuge. Constant airflow around the rotor reduces the risk of samples overheating during operation.

Metal protective inserts inside the casing and lid, automatic imbalance switch-off, and locking of a lid provide safe operation. The completion of centrifugation is indicated by a sound signal.

The external power supply unit allows operation of Microspin 12 in cold rooms (at ambient temperatures from +4°C to +40°C).

Standard set:

Built-in rotor MSR-12(12 places for microtubes 1.5/2 ml) with protection lid MSL-SC and adapters A-02, A-05
12 places for microtubes1.5/2 ml
A-02 adapter12 pieces for microtubes 0.2 ml
A-05 adapter 12 pieces for microtubes 0.5 ml
Speed control range1000 – 14500 rpm (increment 100 rpm)
Relative centrifugal force control range50–12,400 × g
Digital time setting15 s – 30 min (increment 15 s – 1 min)
Timer sound signal+Acceleration timeup to 14,500 rpm
Dimensions(W×D×H)200x240x125 mm
Weight3.5 kg