ZiXpress 32 ® Automated Nucleic Acid Purification Instrument


ZiXpress 32 is an open magnetic rod/pillar nucleic acid isolation platform. Except for the flexibility in throughput and the compatibility in reagents, our outstanding Bottom Touch Technology (BTT) allows both the flexibility and compatibility in consumables and the improvement of noise reduction and homogeneity. BBT makes ZiXpress 32 ® so different from the others. This reliable platform can be operated with optimized Prefilled/Non-Prefilled Reagent Kits, and it offers End user the freedom to use it with supplied consumables or any other available standard consumables (96 Deep Well Plates & Tip Combs).

With fully editable protocols, it is perfect for the use in research labs in any kind of industry. The high accuracy of ZiXpress 32 ® makes it also more than useful in the clinical diagnosis.

  • Magnetic Pillar (Rod) Instrument based on Magnetic Particle Purification Technology
  • Purifies 1 to 32 or 1 to 64 samples simultaneously per run
  • CE certified and produced under ISO, GMP, and other Industry Regulations
  • Open Platform with fully editable Protocols with the ability to use third party Reagents
  • The Perfect Match for any Life Science / Resarch Laboratory
  • Best C/P Value Magnetic Pillar Instrument on the Market!

Zixpress 32 ® Features:

✔ Fully Editable and Customizable Protocols
✔ Easy-To-Use User-Interface with 7” Touch Screen
✔ Magnetic-Pillar & Magnetic Particles Extraction Technology
✔ Consistent and Reproducible Results
✔ Best C/P Value Extraction Solution on the Market

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ZiXpress 32® Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit.pdf