UVITEC Ltd. is a manufacturer of molecular biology imaging systems from Cambridge, England. It has been established for over 22 years and has a record of selling its leading products, UV fluorescence, and colorimetry, and also chemiluminescence and epifluorescence, to more than 70 countries. No wonder this company is a world-renowned one because its products have been used by more than 80,000 scientists who work at research centers and major scientific institutes around the world.

The UVITEC molecular biology imaging systems use advanced technologies that can provide solutions to a variety of complex or demanding applications such as Chemiluminescence and Spectral Fluorescence. With a high level of sensitivity and its robustness, UVITEC products are truly reliable. Equipped with free license software that is very user-friendly, the workflow becomes smoother and it can also be used by anyone, without any user restrictions.

UVITEC Uvidoc HD6 is an instrument to do the gel documentation using a high level of sensitivity so that it can ease researchers in operating it. And thanks to its ability as a stand-alone system, it is able to provide high sensitivity and work automatically which makes this instrument suitable to use in laboratories or other research sites that need smaller space.

Equipped with a built-in computer with an HD touch screen of 12.2″ as well as the optional Voice Control© provide more convenience in its use. This can allow researchers to have a compact system operation, does not take much time, and, of course, offers a uniqueness that is rarely found in other gel documentation systems.

UVITEC Uvidoc HD6 also comes with various features as follows:

  • 6-megapixel native resolution
  • No learning curve
  • 65,535 gray levels
  • The imaging area is 26x21cm

It is very practical and strong. Its robust and stainless design of the UVITEC Uvidoc HD6 also makes it capable to use in a long time. Not to forget that it also provides many choices of the transilluminator and its protocols and parameters for the user to be fully customized. The eighteen filters in the 3-position filter wheel can also be chosen as needed.

UVITEC Uvidoc HD6 is suitable for fluorescence applications such as DNA and RNA gels with fluorescent stains (Ethidium Bromide, GelRed, SYBR Safe & Green & Gold, Sypro Ruby, Emerald, and Midori Green) and also visible imaging such as optional gel colorimetry and protein (Coomassie Blue, Cooper, Silver-stained, Red Ponceau, Petri dish colony, and colony counting).

UVITEC Uvidoc HD6 can be ordered through our company, PT GeneCraft Labs, the official distributor of UVITEC products in Indonesia. For further information and details please contact us or refer to UVITEC website.