UVITEC Alliance Q9


The Alliance Q9 -series is Uvitec’s top-end chemiluminescence and spectral fluorescence imaging system, proudly boasting the highest optics specifications and sensitivity on the market. The Alliance Q9 Advanced is fully automated, expandable and tailored to your workflow, upgradeable through plug-n-play technology.

Automation, power and versatility. Expect the best of what the future of imaging has to offer: highest resolution and sensitivity on the market, up to 17 illumination sources including 8 spectral fluorescence wavelengths, 17 filters to choose from, and full plug-n-play upgradeability at all times.

Product Features :

  • Fully automated
  • Up to 18-megapixel resolution
  • f/0.80 custom lens
  • -60°C regulated cooling
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Up to 13 illumination sources
  • 7-position motorized wheel
  • Unlimited software users
  • 65,535 gray levels
  • 24x20cm FOV
  • Auto-lighting & exposure
  • Fully-motorized optics (Q9) and Pre-calibrated optics (Q9 mini)


Turn light into knowledge, image into breakthrough. Q9 systems proudly boast the highest sensitivity on the market

Our cameras can now deliver even sharper images with the lowest level of background ever. New focal discs not only select, but redirect emission signals so as to reach the camera lens with a perfect, vertical angle ensuring light is captured more effectively.

Optical imaging sensitivity is the result of 4 key specifications: wide lens aperture, deep camera cooling, close sample-to-lens distance, and direct photons collection path. Alliance Q9-series imagers gather all of these, ensuring reduced exposure times, greater dynamic range and superior signal detection across all your samples, regardless of the application.

Not only are Alliance Q9-series imagers fully customizable according to your applications’ requirements, our systems also have the capacity to evolve along with your imaging needs, at all times. With transilluminators, epi-fluorescence modules and filters based on plug-n-play technology, upgrade your Alliance imager on-site in seconds. That easy.