USP Food Chemicals Codex



The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is a compendium of drug, supplement and food ingredients standards issued by the nonprofit United States Pharmacopeia Convention and has been recognized by the United States government. However, USP is not an institution or organization of government. Established in 1906 independently, USP has a mission to improve global health through public standards and related programs to help ensure the quality, safety, and benefits of food and medicine.

Considering that USP is a collection of summaries devoted to qualitative and quantitative research in pharmacy and food, USP can also be found in form of various pharmacopeia or international standard scientific reference books which are also the output of the USP Convention and have their own specifications. The three compendia are the USP Reference Standard (USP RS), USP-National Formulary (USP-NF), and USP Food Chemicals Codex (USP FCC).

USP Food Chemicals Codex

As we already know, the process of food production is a long and complex journey and it requires high accuracy. Since there is always a high potential for vulnerability at the initial testing phase, it is important for manufacturers and researchers to have a globally recognized benchmark for sample preparation and testing.

Just like the USP-NF, the USP Food Chemicals Codex is a compendium of certain substances as a standard. It is certainly a reference for manufacturers. The difference between the USP-NF and USP FCC lies on the focus of the USP FCC which is more emphasized on – as the name implied – food. Moreover, the USP FCC also has two main functions, namely:

  • Help to set the limit to any possibility of problems arise at the introduction of food ingredients in an early stage
  • Become the best quality parameter of food ingredients and recognized by the global market

With more than 1,200 monographs in it, USP FCC thoroughly examines various classes of food chemicals, processing aids, ingredients, flavorings, vitamins, and functional food ingredients. So, if you find out about various compositions and want to do tests such as vegetable oil, fructose, lactoserum, amino acids, or even up to lycopene, olestra, and fructooligosaccharides chains, USP FCC can be the right solution as the most accurate reference and has been recognized also by the government.

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