UR – 21P Features

  • Ultrasonic Disruptor UR-21P with a 2.5mm diameter active surface area enables the simple and efficient ultrasonic treatment of very small volume samples.
  • Its compact and light design allows operation of the UR-21P with one hand.
  • It provides maximum ultrasonic processing with minimal loss in the power output. With variable power control, output amplitude can be adjusted.
  • When the converter is securely fixed by a clamp or onto a laboratory stand, the UR-21P, in conjunction with an optional footswitch, allows hands-free operation. (The converter is a hand-holding drive means which transmits ultrasonic energy to the working tip of the horn.)

UR – 21P Specifications

Model UR – 21P
Maximum Power 10Watts, adjustable
Frequency 28kHz
Horn Shape 2.5mm diameter, Exponential shape
Horn Material Titanium alloy
Power Control Thumb switch on the horn or foot switch (optional)
Dimensions of Main Unit Amplifier 205W x 255D x 180Hmm (excludes projections)
Converter Length 215mm (Oscilator : ø33mm, Tip section : ø2.5mm)
Net Weight of Main Unit Approx.11kg
Power Input AC120V, 50/60Hz, 1P, 1A
AC220/230/240V, 50/60Hz, 1P, 1A
(External transformer used)
Optional Part Foot Switch