UD – 211 Features


  • Disruption of cells, bacteria and tissues,
  • Adjustment of ribosome,
  • Cutting of actinomycetes and fungal threads,
  • Acceleration of a chemical reaction,
  • Extraction of special components by disruption of tissue fragments,
  • Emulsification and dispersion in samples (a mixture of liquids such as water-oil, water-silver, etc.), and

Insatiable Pursuit of High Grade Design for More Efficient Energy Conversion

UD-211 can achieve a high energy conversion efficiency which generates almost no heat. A unique circuit and a structure adopted in the design to minimize the power loss can control heat generation of the converter which may disturb the oscillation effect of ultrasonic waves and have adverse influence on the sample.

User Friendly & High Performance Unit with Numerous New Features

  • Power Meter
    The unit is equipped with a power meter to monitor the power output and set a desired output level.
  • Flash Switch
    A switch for brief runs activates the ultrasonic sound generator while being pressed.
  • Control Terminal
    The unit comes with a terminal to allow wired remote control. An optional footswitch for remote start/stop control of the ultrasonic sound generator can also be connected to this terminal, which will result in a great improvement of operating efficiency.
  • Interval Timer
    With a built-in interval timer allowing oscillations to occur once per second, a strong impact given after startup can be repeatedly applied on the sample. The rate of oscillating time per second can be also set within the range of 10 to 90% by turning the “DUTY” knob. Sound waves can be emitted intermittently, thus curbing the temperature rise of the sample.
  • Timer
    Just turn the knob to the desired number (time) on the control panel to set and start the timer, then oscillation begins. The timer can be set from 0 to 30 minutes, and a “FREE” setting for continuous oscillation over 30 minutes.

UD-211 System Configuration

Noise Reduction Box NR-201 is available to efficiently reduce noise generated by ultrasonic processing. It can reduce the noise emission by 19dB and is especially useful in operations for prolonged periods of time in experimental and research laboratories. The NR-201 has been designed so that the converter stand can be completely housed in the box, which allows the same easy processing as operations in routine use (without the noise reduction box). Noise Reduction Sheet NR-200 is also available as a simple method for reducing noise. Ultrasonic processing can be observed through transparent PVC sheets placed in four directions.