TOMY is a laboratory instruments manufacturer engaged in biotechnology, biological engineering, medical science, and food development. Established since 1958 in Japan, TOMY is famous for producing centrifuges, autoclaves, plant growth chambers, sample disruptors, and many other laboratory equipments. Due to its ability to improve and maintain the quality of every product, TOMY Digital Biology is now a renowned manufacturer of laboratory equipments that is respected by researchers around the world.

TOMY One Spin Centrifuge is a tool for rapidly rotating sample (in a microtube) at high speed with the aim to separate the components in the sample solution so that heavier or dense particles can be separated from another component.

TOMY One Spin Centrifuge itself can process from one up to four microtubes. Its ability to maintain the rotating sample’s balance (even though it is only one microtube) even with super high speed makes this tool become one of the most practical centrifuges ever.

Besides that, TOMY One Spin Centrifuge is also practical thanks to its simple design and its super minimalist size which even fits the size of an adult’s hand, making it easy for this tool to be carried everywhere. Since it has a good mobility, TOMY One Spin Centrifuge gives you a whole new experience by making it feels like your personal, user-friendly, and super comfortable centrifuge.

To start with, simply put the microtube sample in it, then cover and hold the lid by one hand. After that, the sample will automatically rotate at a speed of 4,000 rpm. When the hand is released, the rotating process will eventually stop.

TOMY One Spin Centrifuge also provides more convenience thanks to its compatibility with universal power lines. Here, the universal power line refers to the option of five universal power plug adapters (AC 100-240 V).

Not to forget that TOMY One Spin Centrifuge is also equipped with spin-column or screw capped tube which can ease the researchers in doing the centrifuge process.

TOMY One Spin Centrifuge can be ordered through our company, PT GeneCraft Labs, the official distributor of TOMY products in Indonesia. For further information and details please contact us or refer to TOMY website.