TOMY Micro Smash MS 100 Cell Disruptor


Tomy is a laboratory instruments manufacturer engaged in biotechnology, biological engineering, medical science, and food development. Established since 1958 in Japan, Tomy is famous for producing centrifuges, autoclaves, plant growth chambers, sample disruptors, and many other laboratory equipments. Due to its ability to improve and maintain the quality of every product, Tomy Digital Biology is now a renowned manufacturer of laboratory equipments that is respected by researchers around the world.

TOMY Micro Smash MS-100 is a beads cell disruptor with 3D rotating high-speed system, around 2.000-5.500 rpm. Since the rotation system makes each tube moves vertically in a “figure-eight”motion, this tool is definitely suitable for disrupting and emulsifying wide range of organisms and other environmental samples. Some of the organisms that can be homogenized by this tool are fibrous tissues, resistant cells, bacteria, animal, and plant tissues, yeasts, algae, fungi – and his is why this tool is really good for identificating which fungi or other organisms that could cause or bring damage to (wall) paint.

Besides its wide rotational speed range that is able to be adapted to different samples, this tool can also increase effectivity thanks to its brushless motors so that it will not cause any debris and, of course, you do not have to replace the brush. The optional setting also can be adjusted with the researcher’s or laboratorium conditions, and even the five patterned memory is very user-friendly so that it is easy to operate. The settings monitor is displayed as a digital LCD equipped with backlight. Not to mention that inn terms of security, this tool works very well as a detector everytime the lid is open, and also whenever there is a malfunction in the rotor or when the temperature inside becomes too hot.

The Tomy Micro Smash MS-100 is also equipped with a 5 ml volume tube that is easily removable, a sample tube that is easy to fix, and you can even see everything clearly through the visible lid–if you are curious about the whole process. You can even add an additional tube holder up to 6 x 5 ml tube–while the original one can work up to 2.0 ml x 12 tubes without damaging or disturbing the whole performance. It is quite efficient and also convenient (it uses compact tabletop system) for a conventional one. It is really fast, precise, and accurate!