TOMY High-Speed Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge MDX Series


One of the most innovative features of the TOMY High-Speed Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge MDX Series is its unique “Rack-in- Rotor” system using a combination of carbon fiber rotors and a variety of drop-in racks made of resin for greater convenience, higher performance, and lower cost.

Rack-in-Rotor System

“Rack-in-Rotor” system is using a combination of carbon fiber rotors and a variety of drop-in racks made of resin for greater convenience, higher performance and lower cost.

  1. Stackable, drop-in/lift-out rotor racks for easy placement and removal
  2. Lightweight, yet stable rotation, and excellent acceleration/deceleration performance
  3. A wide variety of racks available at affordable prices
  4. A portable rack for sample tubes


Rack-in-Rotor CA-300 for MDX-310

■ Available up to 2ml x 72 tubes (stacked two racks)

■ 50ml/15ml x 12 conical tubes available

■ 14,000rpm with 96 well PCR plate x 2

Rack-in-Rotor CA-200 for MDX-210

■ Available up to 2ml x 48 tubes (stacked two racks)

■ 5ml x 12 tubes available

Rack-in-Rotor CA-100 for MDX-110

■8-strip PCR tubes, 0.5ml tubes, and 2ml tubes available

User Friendly and Safety Features

The lid interlock system electronically locks and prevents the lid from opening while in operation.

Hand guard device

・Switchable between approx. 20°and 70°

Safety adapter

Safety adapter equipped for prevention rotor rack sticking out from the rotor.

Comparison of power consumption between MX-307 and MDX-310

Controlling the motor fan drive during standby cooling leads to a reduction in power consumption.

* Reduction in electricity consumption between the MX-310 previous model MX-307. This figure may vary depending on the settings and performance of individual products.


Model MDX-310 MDX-210 MDX-110
Maximum Speed 15,000rpm
Maximum RCF 21,890G 20,380G 20,380G
Maximum Capacity 50ml× 4 30ml × 6 2ml × 24
Speed Control System Microprocessor feedback control
Drive Motor Induction motor
Data Entry Jog Dial with ENTER key and Touchscreen
Numeric keypad available
Temperature Setting Range From -9°C to +35°C (1°C increment)
Speed Setting Range 300 to 15,000rpm (100rpm increments)
RCF Setting Range 10 to Maximum RCF (Less than 300G: 10G increments, Over 300G: 100G increments)
Time Setting Range 10sec~99min50sec (in 10sec increments) or (Free) for a continuous run
Safety Devices
Imbalance detector Over-speed detector
Lid interlock Motor over-current detector
Over-current circuit breaker Lid open / close detector
Overheat / Overcool detector Rotor identification system
Convenient Functions
Last run memory Power saving (ECO) mode
Soft Brake function PRE-TEMP function
FLASH (Short spin) function Annual inspection indicator
Memory function (six sets of operating parameters)
Heat exchanger overheat detector Calendar date & time display
Refrigerant HFC R134a (260g)
Power Requirements 1-Phase AC120V 60Hz 15A
1-Phase AC220-240V 50/60Hz 10A
Rated Current 120V : 12A
220-240V : 7A
120V : 12A
220-240V : 7A
120V : 11A
220-240V : 6.5A
Dimensions 341 W × 491 D × 823 H
(Lid in open position:1138 H, table height:787 H)
Net Weight 62 kg
Accessories Included
  • Operator’s manual x 1 copy
  • Rotor fixing knob x 1 piece
  • Caster holder x 2 pieces
  • Drain plug x 1 piece
  • Power cord x 1 piece
  • Hexagon wrench x 1 piece