Tomy is a laboratory instruments manufacturer engaged in biotechnology, biological engineering, medical science, and food development. Established since 1958 in Japan, Tomy is famous for producing centrifuges, autoclaves, plant growth chambers, sample disruptors, and many other laboratory equipments. Due to its ability to improve and maintain the quality of every product, Tomy Digital Biology is now a renowned manufacturer of laboratory equipments that is respected by researchers around the world.

Just like Tomy Autoclaves ES Series, the SX Series also offers a heat-based sterilization process equipped with a monitor that is easy to interpret, even can be added with additional accessories like ES Series do (stainless basket, stainless bucket, stand for Testing Durham’s tubes, sterilizing bag). The difference with ES series only lies in lid. SX series has a top-open lid which can be simply operated by stepping on the bottom (like a trash can) and the lid will automatically open.

Based on its size, SX-700 is the large unit and the SX-300 is the smallest unit. You just need to choose based on your research needs. In addition, the cooling fan makes it safer, not to forget, the five sterilizing course selection that can be set up easily based on your needs too: Liquid Sterilizing Course, Sterilizing Course, Sterilizing – Warming Course, Heating – Warming Course, and Memory Recall.

Liquid Sterilizing Course has a function to prevent the sample boiling that can occur in any chance. Sterilizing Course is used for normal sterilization, meanwhile Sterilizing – Warming Course can prevent freezing after the sterilization ends. Heating – Warming Course provides super comfort and convenience in heating and dissolving or eliminating culture media. Last but not least, Memory Recall really helps in rearranging the settings just like the previous one.

TOMY Autoclave SX Series has proven to be safe and prominently reliable sterilizer. Not to forget that the light indicator is on during the process for signing the existing water level, and is also equipped with a timer function, and it can even heat up to above 100 ° C without having to worry about any leakage. Another powerful feature is SX Series have sensor that reacts quickly when it reaches the right temperature to start the sterilization process. Moreover, the temperature in the chamber can be recorded using an external recorder, so that it can easily carry out the Memory Recall course selection process.

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