TOMY Autoclave Sterilizer – ES Series


Tomy is a laboratory instruments manufacturer engaged in biotechnology, biological engineering, medical science, and food development. Established since 1958 in Japan, Tomy is famous for producing centrifuges, autoclaves, plant growth chambers, sample disruptors, and many other laboratory equipments. Due to its ability to improve and maintain the quality of every product, Tomy Digital Biology is now a renowned manufacturer of laboratory equipments that is respected by researchers around the world.

As a heat-based sterilizer, TOMY Autoclaves ES Series offers the best technology that works reliably in no-time consuming, yet is totally easy-to-use. This sterilizer works automatically with only a few press of button away. There will be three programs displayed in the Easy to see Control Panel during the run, those are Sterilization Mode, Sterilization – Warming Mode, and Heating Mode. All information, including from those three, will also be displayed in such a comprehensive way. It is really easy to understand and the report will be run in real-time. It is proven that TOMY Autoclaves ES Series besides user-friendly, they are very common among researchers. This instrument has two types: ES-215 and ES-315. The main difference lies only in its capacity, ES-215 has capacity of 22 litre while ES-315–surely–is bigger: 53 litre.

Besides, in terms of design, there is a stainless room or chamber, so it is very safe and comfortable to use. In addition, the front access allows researchers to replace water inside easily, even much easier for technicians who want to do periodic checking or repair it. Furthermore, the sterilization process is highly getting secured thanks to its robust design that provides maximum protection whenever the temperature increases up to 5 ° C (interior) or 130 ° C (exterior) above. If there is an abnormal temperature change, the entire work process will be stopped automatically and it will immediately send an error signal. It will give an alarm everytime the excessive pressure happens or even an abnormal temperature increase during the run. The process will resume if the set temperature is reached.

We also provide other equipments that can support this series to reach optimum result, such as above, providing stainless baskets, stainless buckets, stand for Testing Durham’s tubes, sterilizing bag, waste container, even deodorant for autoclave.