For those who need a heat-based sterilization instrument with a large capacity of up to 100 liters, the TOMY Autoclave FLS-1000 will surely be the answer. Its sophisticated yet uncomplicated design makes it very easy to operate. Given the diameter inside is 45 cm and the height is 78.5 cm, it is perfectly fit with human proportions which is why it is very comfortable to use – whether to insert material into it or to clean the chamber inside.

To open the lid, FLS-1000 uses the same method like SX-series: the reliably practical and convenient foot pedal to open the top-lid–definitely safe and secure. The safety itself is also proven with the optional way to open the lid to the right or left as your needs. Not only that, its ability to detect malfunctions in temperature sensor, pressure sensor, exhaust valve, until low sterilizing water level, and even works as an open detector of drain access cover to exhaust tank full–all those features can prevent things that you do not want to be happened.

Just like the ES and SX Series, FSL-1000 is also equipped with easy-to-use intuitive display. The settings include sterilizing water change alert, annual inspection reminder, cooling fan, variable exhaust speed, low sterilizing water level detection, and steam tap water drain alert. The most interesting feature is this instrument can be installed and works perfectly at places with high altitude, up to 2000 m.

The TOMY Autoclave FLS-1000 is even equipped with a sophisticated system that stores data which was previously run when a power failure occurs. Thus when the electricity is resume,  your work that had previously been stopped, can be restarted without having to repeat it from the beginning. In addition, important information like temperature data, pressure data, and other essential data can be recorded using an external recording device. These data can also be printed so that it will greatly ease you to archive the physical data for further investigation.


Fine Pressure Adjustment
Cooling Fan
Ergonomic Height Design(Height to working table)

(78.5 cm)

(82.7 cm)

(79.4 cm)

(61.4 cm)

(82.7 cm)

(79.4 cm)

Sterilization CourseSterilization – Normal

(Labware and Waste)

Sterilization – Liquid

(Media, Solvent and Water)

Sterilization & Warming

(Sterilizing and keep
warming media)


(Melting and keep warming

High Altitude
Sterilization Program*1
until 616 hPa or higher

(equivalent to an altitude of

until 750 hPa or higher

(equivalent to an altitude of


Exhaust through HEPA filter (Bio Box)