Thermo Scientific TSQ QUANTIS Triple Quadrupole MS


Targeted quantitation: choosing the right LC-MS system If a laboratory is focused on gaining ultimate sensitivity for their analyses, QQQ MS is the best option. These types of instruments consist of tandem quadrupole mass analyzers where, when operated in selected reaction monitoring (SRM) mode, two of the quadrupoles (referred to as Q1 and Q3) act as double mass filters, and the other, Q2, between Q1 and Q3, acts as the collision cell. The SRM mode provides short QQQ dwell times, permitting the detection of multiple different transitions and reliable analysis of large quantities of samples. New, higher-end QQQ instruments enhance selectivity by increasing the width of Q1 and Q3 to enable high-resolution selected reaction monitoring (H-SRM), which is beneficial for analyzing complex matrices

Key benefits

Empower users with different expertise levelsGo from sample to results fasterMaximize system uptime under challenging conditionsGain better insights with improved selectivity & sensitivity
User friendly enhancements on TraceFinder Software enable your laboratory to quickly come up to speed so users can quickly get to work.The TSQ Quantis delivers unmatched speed (up to 600 SRMs/sec) with ultrafast selected reaction monitoring (SRM) so you can analyze more compounds per sample on any given day.Designed with robustness enhancing features, be confident in the reliability of your results while decreasing time spent on maintenance.High resolution selected reaction monitoring (SRM) enables superior selectivity (0.2 Da FWHM). With this improvement, you can resolve more peaks than ever before with increased sensitivity.


The Thermo ScientificTM TSQ QuantisTM triple-stage quadrupole mass spectrometer enables robust, reliable quantitation with the sensitivity required to meet your workflow needs. Designed with ease-of-use in mind to ensure quality data from every user in every lab.

The Thermo ScientificTM TSQ Quantis Experience confident quantitation: TSQ Quantis MS with AIM+ Technology

  • Active Ion Management Plus (AIM+)

The next step in precision design delivers the ultimate in ion management, inception to detection, from the Thermo ScientificTM OptaMaxTM NG ion source housing to the enhanced electron multiplier. AIM+ incorporates segmented quadrupoles and enhanced RF electronics to further optimize ion management precision, reliability, speed, and reproducibility.

  • Designed to ensure your confidence in results

Regardless of your application, the TSQ Quantis triple-stage quadrupole mass spectrometer enables targeted quantitation workflows that ensure high-quality results and confidence through innovative designs that provide exceptional reliability, consistency, robustness, and sensitivity you need to meet your workflow needs.

The TSQ Quantis mass spectrometer provides practical ease-of-use and performance features to increase productivity.

  • Simple maintenance (no need to break vacuum)
  • More compounds per sample—more samples per day
  • Automated compound optimization
  • SRM visualization and optimization
  • Streamlined data review and reporting

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