Thermo Scientific TSQ FORTIS Triple Quadrupole MS


Typical LC/MS analysis begins with the liquid chromatography (LC) separating a mixture into its chemical components. The LC pump produces a solvent stream (the mobile phase) that passes through an HPLC column (containing the stationary phase) under high pressure. An autosampler introduces an aliquot of a sample into this solvent stream. As the solvent stream passes through the LC column, the sample separates into its chemical components. The rate at which the components of the sample elute from the column depends on their relative affinities to the mobile phase and the stationary phase.

As the separated chemical components exit the LC column, they pass through a sample transfer line and enter the mass spectrometer for ionization and analysis. As the MS analyzes the ionized components and determines each mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) and relative intensity, it sends a data stream to the data system computer.


The new Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Fortis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer helps increase productivity, with reliability and robustness, for labs focused on performing targeted quantitation.

  • Increased robustness—Active Ion Management Plus (AIM+) includes the Matrix Separator Ion Guide (MSIG)—ensures extended system uptime by keeping the ion path clean
  • Maximum productivity—fast turnaround times while ensuring excellent quantitative results for extended lists of contaminants
  • Designed for more ease—comprehensive workflows enabled by software that ensure confident analysis


Benefits of the TSQ Fortis mass spectrometer :

  • More samples, more compound classes

TSQ Fortis triple quadrupole mass spectrometer help ensure superior productivity for quantifying hundreds of compounds of all types—in any matrix, by any user.

  • Robust quantitative productivity

The TSQ Fortis triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is designed to meet demands day after day, for every sample type in a variety of matrices to to robustness and reproducibility, the TSQ Fortis mass spectrometer provides unprecedented ease of use.

  • Confident data: technology translated to results

The TSQ Fortis mass spectrometer equipped with the neutral blocker, ion beam guide, and segmented quadrupoles is designed to deliver robust performance.

  • Speed with selectivity and sensitivity

The TSQ Fortis mass spectrometer delivers excellent quantitative performance in both selected reaction monitoring (SRM) and high-resolution SRM (H-SRM) modes, even when operated at short dwell times.


The TSQ Fortis mass spectrometer is one in a family of latest-generation Thermo Scientific  triple quadrupole mass spectrometers that offer confident quantitation every day, for every lab and every user.

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