Thermo Scientific TSQ 9000 Triple Quadrupole GCMS/MS System


The TSQ 9000 system provides the selectivity and sensitivity of a triple-quadrupole GC/MS while also functioning as a high-performance single quadrupole instrument. A triple-quadrupole GC/MS/MS system provides the extra selectivity required for trace analysis of compounds in complex matrices. Unstoppable sensitivity means incredible sensitivity delivered robust, in routine. The TSQ GCMS /MS can deliver high sensitivity for more routine analysis through the renowned, highly robust ExtractraBrite ion source technology. For the highest sensitivity, the ultra-robust Thermo Scientific Advance Electron Ionization (AEI) source can be configured to reach into the attogram range of instrument detection.

The Enhanced Velocity Optics Collision Cell (EvoCell) collision cell technology provides high SRM transition speed up to 8000 SRMs/s, with better precision and sensitivity for even the most complex methods. It can be used to increase the scope of SRM methods to fit a wider range of compounds and matrices. This high-performance technology allows for more opportunities for efficient and effective workflows in the high throughput laboratory.

Maintaining uptime during routine analysis drives service delivery and lower overhead costs. TSQ 9000 GCMS / MS designed to minimize maintenance intervals with routine-grade robustness, and to eliminate up to 98% the downtime associated with routine maintenance of a system. The TSQ 9000 system takes your GC-MS/MS uptime to the next level with patented NeverVent technology. Using Vacuum Probe Interlock (VPI) in conjunction with ion source and the new V-lock source plug for routine maintenance operations. The extractable source incorporates a cartridge that contains the repeller, source lenses, and RF lens, all of which can be removed from the instrument without breaking vacuum. What once took hours, or even an entire day, is now accomplished in minutes. An AEI ion source, which provides unmatched sensitivity, is also available on the system.

TSQ 9000 easy to use, includes a comprehensive set of simple tools to provide the user with a seamless experience during the transition from other platform, analytical method development and routine analysis of samples. The Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM) Bridge tool allows SIM method exported from other sources to be translated to the TSQ 9000 system method. The system includes innovative Thermo Scientific software that will help users new to develop triple-quadrupole GC-MS/MS systems, automatic selected reaction monitoring (AutoSRM) methods. This software walks you through the development of fully optimized SIM target ions or SRM transition in a very simple and efficient workflow.

Use Thermo ScientificTM ChromeleonTM Chromatography Data System (CDS) software to control chromatography lab. A single software to streamline the chromatography and MS quantitation workflows. It is fully scalable from a single workstation to an enterprise-wide installation, and provides control of more than 350 modul from Thermo Fisher ScientificTM and many other vendors, including support for quantitative mass spectrometry workflows for all separation technique and MS variants, all using the same intuitive user interface. The smart tools make your faster and easier while ensuring reproducible, quality result.

In an evolving environment, it is difficult to clearly see what challenges lie ahead with your analysis. In order to be read for the future, choosing a flexible GC triple quadrupole system can make all the difference. The TSQ GCMS / MS system has been designed to allow a full-upgrade path from base to advanced configurations, boosting flexibility and performance anytime you need it.

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