Thermo Scientific TRACE 1310 Gas Chromatography


Thermo Scientific provide you with powerful and convenience GC systems called Thermo Scientific TRACE 1310 Gas Chromatography. This GC system offer great flexibility, reduce cost, elevate productivity and increase efficiency in your QA/QC and laboratories. Thermo Scientific TRACE 1310 Gas Chromatograph features a complete icon driven touch screen user interface and ideal for direct instrument control in a larger routine and method development laboratories. With instant connect injector and detector, you can change modules in minute to reconfigure different workflow, develop new method and eliminate maintenance downtime.

Instant connect Split/Splitless (SSL) injector with high performance features optimized thermal profile developed to avoid sample discrimination, allowing broadest range of analytes to be injected. Instant connect Programmable Temperature Vaporizing (PVT) injector combine performance of a cold injector with robustness of vaporizing injector. Instant connect Gas Sampling Valve (GSV) injector remove complicated GC configuration and introduce precise amount of gas sample directly into capillary or packed columns. Instant connect Cold-on-Column injector enable you with GC analysis to very high boiling compound, and this injector also ideal for thermal labile dan degradable compound.

Instant connect-FID (Flame Ionization Detector) gives highest sensitivity and wide dynamic range with rapid acquisition speed making it ideal for fast GC application. Instant connect-TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector) is a non-destructive detector features a micro-volume design suitability for capillary and packed column applications. Instant connect-ECD (Electron Capture Detector) is excellent in challenging samples, miniaturized cell equipped with purged, removable anode guarantee the highest sensitivity while maximizing robustness toward the matrices effect. Instant connect-NPD provide highly selective and sensitive response for nitrogen and phosphorous containing organic compounds. The instant connect-FPD (Flame Photometric Detector) provide excellent sensitivity and response stability for the most demanding sulphur applications, as well as phosphorous or tin determinations.

Innovative and unique IEC (Integrated Electronic Control) gives outstanding retention time stability even in the most complex GC application. Guarantee industry-leading 0.001 psi control through entire working range. The control integrated within every injector and detector module deliver controlled pressure and flow to columns and detector.

Thermo Scientific TRACE 1310 GC is fully controlled by Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon Cromatography Data System (CDS). You can connect legacy GCs with CDS and operate from single user interface with one set of method and report for entire lab, department or site. Intuitive operation and quick access to key operation provide ease of use of Chromeleon CDS software. E-workflow help you to accelerate chromatography analysis minimizing operator task by simplify sequence analysis.

Thermo Scientific TRACE 1310 GC GC combined with liquid, solid and gas sampling device thus expand the throughput. Thermo Scientific AI 1310 Autoinjector and Thermo Scientific AS 1310 Autosampler guaranted the desired flexibility, throughput and robustness. TriPlus Robotic Sample Handling (RSH) aurosampler provide additional productivity including liquid, headspace or Solid Phase Micro Extraxtion (SPME) injection for unattended automated sample and standard preparation. You can switch between injection modes during single sequence, in example when analyze liquid sample, followed by headspace analysis and the SPME. Thermo Scientific TriPus 100 LS Liquid Sampler is a high capacity autosampler dedicated to liquid analysis for simple and maximized productivity. Headspace Sampling Solution offer largest capacity of sample tray and incubation oven enabling user to quickly analyze larger number of sample and achieve maximum productivity.

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