Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 series Atomic Absorption Spectrometers


Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 series Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (AAS) are unique and refreshingly different from any other atomic absorption instruments because they have the ability to analyze almost all elements while keep maintaining user convenience as the main priority. This because these instruments are equipped with Thermo Scientific iCE SOLAAR software that works comprehensively with its state-of-the-art technology so that the analysis process can run smoothly, thus provides accurate results.

The AAS are completely automatic with full element capability. There are two optional systems that are used for atomization: the flame and the furnace. The flame atomizer is ideal for measuring high concentrated metal, whilst the furnace atomizer can be used for analyzing up to sub-PPB level. The dual atomizer system is also equipped with stockdale optics that has an amazing ability to combine background correction using (only) one source which is a unique deuteurium quadline, added with Zeeman correction (optionally) to ensure accurate analysis of the furnace.

The Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 series Atomic Absorption Spectrometers offers three models, all of which enable global regulatory compliance, in a wide range of fields, and each instrument is designed to suit the specific throughput requirements of a variety of users.

Thermo Scientific iCE 3300

  • Single flame atomizer AAS with fully automatic gas box
  • Complete solution for laboratories with a main need to perform flame analysis but with occasional furnace samples
  • Simple flame system with incredible versatility
  • Six lamp auto-aligning carousel
  • Double beam optics and self-calibrating Ebert monochromator

Thermo Scientific iCE 3400

  • Single furnace atomizer AAS with Zeeman and D2 background correction
  • An essential instrument for critical limit detection challenge
  • Six lamp auto-aligning carousel
  • Furnace vision
  • Echelle dual prism and and grating monochromator
  • Vapour system and electrically heated cell that can be utilised in this instrument

Thermo Scientific iCE 3500

  • Dual flame and furnace AAS with standard or Zeeman furnace option
  • Essential furnace vision tool included as standard, thus very ideal for high throughput environmental samples with rapid and regular flame and furnace analysis
  • Software-controlled changeover from flame to furnace analysis without the operator even being in the room!
  • Six lamp auto-aligning carousel for maximum light throughput
  • D2 background correction for flame and furnace analysis
  • Zeeman background correction as an option for furnace work
  • Double beam optics with a dual monochromator consisting of an Echelle prism and a grating

The iCE 3000 Series AAS enhances analytical performance and automation through the use of advanced accessories controlled by Thermo Scientific SOLAAR Software. These accessories can help analyzing challenging and complex samples, whilst meeting the demands of a high-performance laboratory.

Flame Autosampler

iCE 3000 Series instruments support a range of auto-samplers made by CETAC to fulfill your more demanding volume workloads.

Flame Dilution – ID100

This accessory can make standards from a master solution quickly and accurately. The high-speed remarkable dilution will bring out of range samples into the calibration range.

Vapor Generation – VP100

This fully software-controlled system is a simple and cost-effective way to reach lower detection limits for sample that can be converted into hydrides just like example arsenic, mercury, etc. The optional EC90 also electrically heated cell offers safety improved performance and safety.

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