Thermo Scientific™ Element GD Plus ™


The Thermo Scientific™ Element GD Plus ™ GD-MS redefines the analysis of advanced high purity materials directly from the solid. Extra-low ppb level detection limits are provided with minimum calibration and sample preparation effort, making GD-MS the most convenient and powerful tool for bulk metal analysis and depth profiling in routine and research applications.  The extraordinary analytical robustness of the method is applicable to conductive as well as many non-conductive materials with the same level of sensitivity and data quality. This makes GD-MS the reliable standard for metal analysis.

The Element GD Plus GD-MS mass spectrometer is designed to serve the needs of high purity material manufacturers and their customers in industries such as aerospace: nickel superalloys, depth profiling of coatings and diffusion layers; microelectronics: copper, alumina powder, sputter targets; renewable energy: silicon blocks, wafers, solar cells; medical/pharmaceutical/food: stainless steel, alloys; and Nuclear: uranium, nuclear fuel.

The ingenious and yet simple design of the Glow Discharge Source reduces sample switching time to a fraction of the time it used to be. The sample itself is placed in a vacuum chamber, eliminating any risk of leakage between the sample and the GD cell. The sample can quickly and easily be removed from the ion source, simply unloaded and re-loaded, and repositioned for the next measurement. The opening and closing of the ion source manifold are fully automatic.

The Element GD Plus GD-MS features the latest technology to deliver the benefits of outstanding analysis speed for high sample throughput, sensitivity, and accuracy of results. The sample handling has been designed with special care to ensure ease of use with the benefit of fast sample change-over, for routine operation and high throughput.

Almost all elements present in a solid sample can be detected and quantified routinely: many down to the parts per billion (ppb) level.

Several key features of Thermo Scientific™ Element GD Plus ™ Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer

  • µs-pulsed Fast Flow Glow Discharge Cell
    • High sensitivity ion source with pulsed discharge mode
    • Widely adjustable sputter rates for fast bulk analyses and advanced depth profiling applications
    • Alumina powder analysis by using a secondary electrode


  • Double-focusing Mass Spectrometer
    • Signal-to-noise ratios enabling sub-ppb detection limits based on high ion transmission combined with low background
    • The maximum level of selectivity and accuracy from the high mass resolution: a prerequisite for undisputable analytical results
  • Software Suite for Productivity and Ease-of-use
    • Full computer control of all parameters
    • Fully automated tuning, analysis, and data evaluation
    • Automatic LIMS connectivity
    • Remote control and diagnostic
    • Windows 7
    • Typically less than 10 minutes sample turn-around
    • Matrix to ultra-trace detection capabilities in a single analysis


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