Thermo Scientific ™ Barnstead GenPure


Thermo Scientific ™ Barnstead GenPure water purification systems are ideal for your molecular biology, microbiology, and analytical chemistry applications. Suitable for even the most demanding and sensitive applications, the family of Thermo Scientific ™ Barnstead ™ GenPure ™ water purification systems exceeds international standards ASTM D1193 Type 1, ISO 3696 Grade 1, and CLSI-CLRW, delivering ultrapure 18.2 MΩ .cm water with consistent quality.


  • Aquastop quick-connections on the ultrapure cartridge enable cartridge replacement within seconds—even mid-operation
  • Validated 0.2 µm final filter with a folded membrane can be sterile up to 5 times.
  • Dual-wavelength UV lamp, 185/254 nm, reduces organic compounds in the water to ultra-low levels as well as microorganisms and their metabolites. Available only on systems containing a UV lamp (UV).
  • An internal ultrafilter is flushed automatically to assure the highest retention of endotoxins and nucleases, which produces a long two year lifetime. Available only on systems containing an ultrafilter (UF).

Integrated feed water monitoring:

  • An additional measuring cell monitors feed water conductivity.
  • Any exceeding of the limiting value is immediately displayed maximizing cartridge life.


  • Feedwater pressure switch, wall bracket, UV lamp, ultrapure cartridge, sterile filter, all included with one part number.


  • Illuminated four-line alpha-numeric displays show important system parameters
  • Tilting control panels allow for optimal viewing


  • Conductivity cells are carefully calibrated prior to each measurement via built-in reference
  • resistance with cell constants at 0.01 cm-1
  • Temperature measurements are made by a platinum chip sensor with ± 0.1°C accuracy


  • Real-time clock and the code-protected operating system prevents unauthorized changes to system settings
  • RS-232 interface with adjustable send-interval for safe data transfer of all measured data, faults, date and time to a PC computer or log printer
  • Digital microprocessor control automatically monitors and stores faults from the last four weeks
  • USP-compliant conductivity measurement with temperature compensation can be switched on or off