Sorenson – µltraAMP PCR Plates


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We provide PCR plates from Sorenson BioScience. Call us or send an inquiry to get more information from our professional team. Any usage of Sorenson PCR Plates you can find it here:

Sorenson BioScience – PCR Plates:

96-Well µltraPlateSorenson PCR Plates - Indonesia96-well, .2ml

  • Fits most popular thermal cyclers.
  • Slightly raised rims around wells for maximum sealing surface.
  • Easily cut.


Semi-Skirt96 Plate


Sorenson PCR Plates - Indonesia96-well, .2ml

  • For use with Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers and DNA analyzers.
  • Raised rim around perimeter for aligning purification plates.
  • Skirt allows robotic handling and sample labeling.
  • Real-time PCR compatible.


Skirted96 Plate


Sorenson PCR Plates - Indonesia96-well, .2ml

  • Compatible with most robotics, designed to SBS standards.
  • Low profile design minimizes condensation and evaporation
  • For use with MJ Research thermal cyclers and MegaBACE 500/1000 DNA Analysis Systems.


96-Well Fast Plate


Sorenson 96-Well Fast Plate96-well, 0.2 ml

  • Optimized for Applied Biosystems’ new fast PCR systems.
  • PCR results in 25 minutes when used with the 9800. Real-time PCR results in 40 minutes when used with the 7500.
  • Low profile and thin-wall design reduce cycle times.
  • Ultra-clear wells produce optimal signal intensity.
  • Fits most popular thermal cyclers.
  • Working volume = .1ml or 100ul
96-Well 480 Plate


Sorenson 96-Well 480 PlateNon-Sterile, 25 Plates/Pack, 4 Packs/Case

White, Polypropylene

384-Well NX Plate


Sorenson PCR Plates - 384-Well NX Plate384-well, 30µL

  • Compatible with most robotics, designed to SBS standards.
  • Rigid skirt for gripping by robotic plate handlers.
  • Minimal warp and shrinkage after thermal cycling
  • Compatible with ABI 3730 Automated Sequencers- single cut corner!
  • Available with or without a barcode. Sequence can be specified, 1 case minimum order quantity required.

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