SCIE PLAS – Horizontal Electrophoresis Unit


Scie-Plas offers two types of horizontal electrophoresis tank: the Green Range and Vari-gel Range. The Green Range includes premium quality horizontal gel electrophoresis units, determined by gel tray size and sample throughput, whose applications vary from education to routine preparatory agarose gel electrophoresis and high throughput nucleic acid screening. Each gel tank is of robust, leak-proof construction from 12mm acrylic as standard, and includes other features such as a UV-transparent gel casting tray, color-coded combs and offset asymmetric platinum electrodes. In contrast, the Vari-gel Range is designed to provide a low-cost electrophoresis solution that offers up to four gel tray options within one tank, while still retaining the quality and features of our flagship Green Range units.

Scie-Plas ‘Green Range’ horizontal gel electrophoresis units offer the ultimate standards in innovative design and manufacture, acquired during our 20-year existence. The Scie-Plas Green Range horizontal gel electrophoresis units currently comprise models with gel tray sizes ranging from 6 x 7.5 to 25 x 30cm. All models incorporate many designs and safety features recommended by scientists, either from within our in-house product development team or laboratories worldwide. As a result, all our models are manufactured and finished to the highest specification, easy to use, and, with safety always paramount, CE-marked – conforming to European safety regulations.

The MINI and MINI-PLUS series, which comprise the HB-SET, H1-SET, HU6, and HU10 units, are ideal for screening and analysis of a wide range of samples, including PCR products, DNA mini-preps, plasmid vectors, and restriction fragments. Each unit’s compact size optimizes the gel conditions and voltage gradient, allowing the fast resolution of nucleic acids.

The MIDI series, which includes the HU13 unit, accommodates standard gels for medium-throughput analysis and preparation of nucleic acids, while the STANDARD HU15 provides the same comb-throughput and tray size options as industry-standard units, with additional casting options.

The MAXI and MAXI-PLUS series, available in standard (HU20 and HU25) and cooled (CHU20 and CHU25) formats, are designed for the rapid, medium to high throughput screening of nucleic acids, such as HLA typing in population genetics studies. The cooled bases within the CHU20 and CHU25 units make these units ideal for hospitals, universities, and industrial laboratories, which need to perform fast, large-scale analysis of nucleic acids at high voltage, but without compromising resolution.


  • Robust acrylic tank construction 12mm walls, leak-proof
  • Safety lid with integral power leads
  • Shrouded 4mm power output connectors universally compatible with modern-day low to medium voltage power supplies
  • Long-life, 99.99 % pure platinum electrodes
  • Gold-plated terminals with corrosion-free stainless steel washers
  • Durable high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) combs
  • UV-transparent acrylic gel-casting trays
  • Offset asymmetric electrodes
  • Color-coded combs corresponding to 1, 1.5 and 2mm thicknesses

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