SAFAS UVmc2 – Double Beam Spectrophotometer


Safas is one of the leading spectrophotometer manufacturers from Monaco which has had a worldwide reputation since 1952. Safas spectrophotometers have been well applied in the fields of military, nuclear, pharmaceutical and medical sciences. Safas even won the Trophy of Innovation award in Paris in 2015. Its cutting edge technology has made Safas products the standard in the global market with adequate performance and, of course, providing comprehensive results. One of the tools he produces is SAFAS UVmc2.

UVmc2 is a double beam spectrophotometer instrument from SAFAS which has a high degree of resistance, 100% symmetrical irradiation, and gives accurate results. This instrument is suitable for use by researchers who need a high-tech spectrophotometer, because UVmc2 uses the latest static divider technology that replaces the old chopper in the form of a rotating mirror so that it can help optimize double beam performance, including when using spectra scanning mode. During the measurement process, the Safas UVmc2 sample compartment can also be opened to add reagents, without affecting the performance of the xenon lamp in the instrument.

This instrument can be used to measure samples with a volume of 1 µl to 5 µl for DNA, RNA, protein, oligonucleotide, and other biological samples. Measurements can also be made at a volume of 50 µl when using a single use UV cuvette and 10 µl for a classic cuvette without the need for additional accessories or even disassembly of the instrument.

So what about the security? Safas UVmc2 is supported by deuterium and tungsten lamps which are durable and do not release a lot of heat so they do not cause overheating. In addition, this instrument can also perform the centring process automatically so that it can support high accuracy with the optimal amount of energy emissions. This instrument also does not undergo significant temperature changes, becomes stable after the autocalibration process, and does not require pre-heating (can be used immediately).

Safe and robust, these tools are assembled under strict supervision and quality. Safas UVmc2 has a design that is in accordance with laboratory working rules so that it has a long service life and does not require many repairs or periodic maintenance.

Interestingly, Safas UVmc2 can prevent energy waste, so it’s no wonder Safas UVmc2 is also known as an environmentally friendly spectrophotometer. A sophisticated optical system mounted on a stand and a base made entirely of aluminium without any other accessory devices such as lenses and fibre optic cables. Finally, this tool is also equipped with software that makes it easier for researchers to monitor and perform spectrometry conveniently because of the system very easy to interpret and operate.