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The Thermo Scientific™ Rocket™ Evaporator is for laboratories seeking to spend minimal time and effort to concentrate or dry large-volume samples for chromatographic analysis.



Concentrates or dries up to 18 ASE™ tubes or 6 large-volume flasks unattended.

Developed as a result of users’ demands for an evaporator that could quickly process large-volume samples in parallel without supervision, the Rocket Evaporator can concentrate or dry 18 ASE tubes or up to

6 large-volume 450 mL flasks. This enables the user to focus on other tasks, confident that the Rocket Evaporator will achieve reproducible evaporation with

excellent recovery rates.


The Rocket Evaporator is equipped with the advanced performance features that our users expect, such as automated end point detection, effective bumping protection, accurate temperature regulation, and easy-to-use controls. A two-stage cold trap is built into the Rocket Evaporator, providing high levels of solvent recovery, even with volatile organic solvents. The cold trap auto-drains is under the control of the evaporator to ensure that high solvent recovery is maintained, no matter what mix of solvents are being used.


Sample preparation is the most vital part of the laboratory workflow. Since greater than 60% of all errors occur during this phase, it is often considered the most frustrating and cumbersome component of the workflow. While analytical technology has evolved remarkably over the last 20 years, most sample preparation still relies on antiquated manual techniques that can produce low analyte recovery with highly variable reproducibility.


A traditional sample preparation workflow consists of extraction, cleanup, and evaporation, all of which use manual sample transfer steps through the transition. Techniques such as Soxhlet, gel permeation chromatography, and nitrogen blowdown evaporation oftenproduce total sample prep workflow times in excess of 60 hours per batch. In 1995, the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ASE™ Accelerated Solvent Extractor system was introduced and substantially reduced the time but did not address clean up or evaporation. More recently, we introduced the Dionex ASE system with In-Cell Cleanup and Rocket Evaporator to address the entire sample preparation workflow and reduce the total time to six hours per sample batch. The combination of the Dionex ASE system with In-Cell Cleanup and the Rocket Evaporator provides a total sample preparation solution for the analytical laboratory. The combination of these two techniques entirely eliminates both the cleanup step and manual sample transfer. The effect of this combination on laboratory productivity is profound and ensures highly accurate and reproducible sample preparation.



The Rocket Evaporator can be used either to dry samples completely, or to

concentrate them to a small volume. To help achieve the best results in the

desired sample format, there are several options, described below:

  1. Puck for ASE Tubes

The Rocket Evaporator accommodates the direct transfer of up to 18 ASE vials. Each 60 mL vial can be directly transferred from the Dionex ASE system and loaded into the Puck for evaporation.

  1. Flip-Flop System

Extracts are collected in the Dionex ASE system using a double-ended 60 mL vial. An adaptor with a GC autosampler vial is then fitted. The 60 mL vial is flipped over and placed into the Puck in the Rocket Evaporator and the cap is removed. The samples are concentrated directly into the GC vial.

  1. SampleGenie for GC Vials

Allows concentration of the sample directly into a GC autosampler vial. The vial is insulated so that only the solvent in the flask evaporates, leaving a small volume in the vial.

  1. SampleGenie Flasks

Allows evaporation of the sample directly into a storage vial. Accommodates vials from 12mm to 28 mm in diameter and up to place 70 mm on the same line.

  1. Evaporation Flasks

450 mL flasks that are used for drying or concentrating samples.

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