QIAGEN TissueRuptor II – Sample Disruption Tools


Small, simple, a portable tool with a single-use probe, TissueRuptor II is a highly efficient sample crusher that also can minimize contamination very well. With the rotor-stator that works at high speeds in just 30 seconds, it perfectly crushes the sample and homogenize the sample quickly and precisely. Its incredible speed also makes it able to filter nucleic acids or other intact proteins from the original form quickly–unlike other manual tools. The the process can even be seen through the transparent probes, whether it is plant tissues, animal tissues, or human tissue.


QIAGEN has tested the use of the TissueRuptor II together with high quality QIAGEN sample purification kits. Sample disruption with the TissueRuptor II ensures maximal yields of nucleic acids and proteins that works well in downstream process such as, western blotting, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and enzyme assays. For most tissues, disruption and homogenization using the TissueRuptor II gives almost comparable results to traditional rotor stator homogenization. The purification of DNA and RNA can also be produced with the help of the Qiagen Nucleic Acid Purification Kit. Not only that, samples that are obtained from mixed results with QIAGEN RNAlater® RNA Stabilization Reagents or QIAGEN Allprotect Tissue Reagents from Qiagen can also be easily processed using TissueRuptor II.


Genotyping, gene expression and proteomics applications demand effective disruption of biological samples to ensure high yields of DNA, RNA and protein. The TissueRuptor II system delivers thorough and rapid disruption of samples to fully release biomolecules, and also simultaneously homogenizes samples to facilitate subsequent purification procedures using QIAGEN kits (see table).

The TissueRuptor II is an integral part of QIAGEN’s complete solution for sample management — from sample collection to purification and analysis of DNA, RNA and protein. Optimized protocols integrate sample disruption with biomolecule purification, enabling a streamlined, efficient workflow. In addition, a range of automated solutions allow purification and analysis of biomolecules at low to high throughputs.

QIAGEN also provides RNAprotect Tissue Reagent (to stabilize RNA) and Allprotect Tissue Reagent (to stabilize DNA, RNA and protein). Tissues collected in these reagents can also be easily disrupted with the TissueRuptor II.