QIAGEN TissueLyser LT – Sample Homogenizer System


The TissueLyser LT can disrupt sample – just like the TissueRuptor – efficiently and provides results which can be reproduced as your needs. If TissueRuptor works with its rotor-stator to crush the sample into a soft, puply mass, TissueLyser LT together with TissueLyser LT Adapter is able to process up to 12 samples thanks to the piston that works incredibly fast, thus it can rapidly homogenize many samples in a single run. The adapter itself is capable of accommodating twelve sample tubes each with a volume of 2 ml. It is also able to prevent any decrease in biomolecules because of its ability to maintain cold temperatures during the process. Besides, it is also equipped with tiny footprints which makes this tool very flexible and comfortable to use.

This tissue disruptor tools provides effective disruption of animal, human, and plant tissues, as well as bacteria and yeast, allowing reproducible yields of DNA, RNA, and protein in subsequent purification procedures. Moreover, TissueLyser LT can be effectively disrupt even difficult tissues such as heart and brain tissue. Tubes are mounted with a sample and a bead inside, and the rapid up and down action beat and grind for simultaneous disruption and homogenization. TissueLyser LT also integrates with other Qiagen tools such as QIAcube and QIAxcel® very well. Therefore, it is not surprising that the TissueLyser LT suits researchers who work in genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analysis.