QIAGEN QIAxpert – UV / VIS Spectrophotometer


Want to measure DNA concentration and purity in a quick, easy way with accurate results? Qiagen QIAxpert is the answer! In just less than two minutes, each tube filled with 2 µl of samples can be processed very well smoothly and rapidly. Not only that, this tool is also capable of processing 16 nucleic acid samples in a single run and providing comprehensive analysis result that is easy to interpret.

Qiagen QIAxpert is very compatible with various kinds of nucleic acid extraction kits, whether it is Qiagen’s or other  brands. A standard feature for analyzing nucleic acids has been installed inside. It is also equipped with other useful features such as calculating proteins through colorimetric testing, monitoring bacterial development, performing automated calibration, and displaying data results in various formats.

Its leading technology makes QIAxpert different from the common spectrophotometers. With its extraordinary Spectral Profiling feature, it can display not only the total of desired nucleic acid concentration and molecular target, but also provides information about contaminants and other nucleic acids. It gives you a very complete information of your sample.

With such great capabilities in processing nucleic acid samples, it is not surprising that QIAxpert is very suitable for quantitative research on DNA, RNA, and to carry out quality control. No wonder it can even process complex or difficult samples smoothly.

Besides that, its futuristic design is very comfortable to use thanks to the high-technology touchscreen that eases researchers to monitor the whole process, manage the data, and even transfer or copy the data via USB or other practical smart devices which are connected to internet–please note that this tool integrates very well with other HTML or formats (example: QR code). It is sophisticated, reliable, and user-friendly!