Why choose other purification instruments when QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP can offer you an easy preparation from the beginning to the end automatically? This smart instrument will assist researchers in preparing the most complete workflow, from the sample preparation stage to the testing stage, so there is no need to bother thinking about what to do for the next step.

QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP works using the QIAsymphony Kit series, while QIAsymphony AS helps QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP setting the process or precisely integrates it with PCR instrument that works automatically such as the QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q. This instrument is also very suitable for researches that involve wider samples range in DNA, RNA, bacteria, and viruses.

QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP also offers several advantages:

  • Can automatically transfer eluates to QIAsymphony AS to produce testing settings
  • Able to carry out continuous sample loading with the help of barcode reading for sample tracking
  • Can import sample lists and export sample sheets

It is definitely efficient and gives optimal results, QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP/AS can process up to 96 samples with 2 ml of each sample volume in a single running. Its combination of state-of-the-art technology also makes this instrument known as a reliable instrument in molecular diagnostic, biomedical, biosecurity, and genomic researches.

Since it can perform the sample extraction process from the initial preparation stage to the end of the process, surely this instrument’s design is definitely great so that it is easier for users to adjust the settings even within such a complex process. This instrument is very strong, robust which makes it capable to complete the workflow without any problem. Besides, because of its strong built and guaranteed safety, the QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP/AS cabinet is also equipped with a reagent storage container, and it can be closed securely as well, so there is no need to worry about contamination that can damage the sample.

The built-in touch screen also contributes to provides easier access for the user. Innovative and practical, with just a few touches after filling the drawer with the required samples, reagents, and consumables, the purification process will run according to the protocol that is chosen by user. It can also transfer directly to the PCR for further analysis to give the optimal final results.

QIAGEN QIAsymphony SP/AS can be ordered through our company, PT GeneCraft Labs, the official distributor of QIAGEN products in Indonesia. For further information and details please contact us or refer to QIAGEN website.