QIAquant QIAGEN, for fast and high-performance real-time PCR in a 96- or 384-well format
  • Fast cycling protocol, down to 30 minutes for 40 cycles
  • Multiplex detection of up to 5 different targets
  • Temperature ramping rates up to 8°C/s
  • Temperature uniformity down to ±0.15°C across the sample block
  • Gradient function for assay optimization

QIAquant QIAGEN instruments are all-round systems designed for performance. They combine high-quality thermal elements for fast heating and cooling ramping rates and a fast multi-channel detection system for shorter cycling times. The open system is compatible with plasticware in standard SBS formats, low-and normal-profile, and all skirting types.

QIAquant QIAGEN is an all-round system designed for performance

The QIAquant qPCR instruments deliver on the fundamental expectation to combine high-performance optical detection of qPCR products with a high-performance thermal block. The result is an all-round versatile system for quantitative PCR applications such as gene expression analyses, genotyping, and the detection of pathogens. The QIAquant comes in 3 configurations to match different requirements of multiplexing capacity, throughput, and budget.

Multiplex PCR for co-detection of up to 5 different targets

QIAquant QIAGEN instruments come with up to 5 color channels for multiplexing in real-time PCR applications. The QIAquant Software comes with built-in optimized generic cross-talk compensation. Users can create customized color compensation files for a specific set of dyes if necessary.

Download QIAquant™ 384 User Manual

Download QIAquant™ 384 Software User Manual

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Download QIAquant™ 96 Software User Manual

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