QIAGEN QIAgility – Automated PCR Setup System


QIAGEN QIAgility is an automated instrument to establish Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in just 30 minutes. It works conveniently quickly. It also gives you accurate and standardized results thanks to its reliability and reproducibility system which can eliminate manual pipetting steps and increase productivity most safely, thus allowing you to minimize errors that usually occur when setting up PCR.

During those 30 minutes, QIAgility will give you solutions in genotyping, cloning, detecting pathogens, analyzing gene expression, or even food and veterinary testing. When entering the pipetting stage, this instrument can sense every time the meniscus occurs so that when the liquid is getting condensed, this instrument will soon adapt to its pipetting speed.

With that remarkably effective workflow, setting up PCR will no longer be trouble with QIAgility. This instrument is also equipped with advanced software that can secure every step of the process, like canceling the process automatically when the hood is open during the run. Not to forget the UV light and HEPA filter (can be added optionally) assure that any contaminations will not happen, and also giving clear and clean air pressure during the process.

QIAGEN QIAgility also provides more ease by making it possible to integrate so well not only with real-time PCR like Rotor-Gene Q but also with almost every format of real-time PCR cycler. This is why it is super convenient, practical, effortless, and very dynamic–surely–because of the smart and user-friendly software that will keep the trouble away, especially in pre-optimizing the experiment setup. No need to take some complicated courses since the protocol will guide you in a way that is easy to understand.

Last but not least, its high flexibility also making it very possible to do comprehensive pipetting events like normalizing the DNA and RNA concentration, transferring liquid samples from one tube format to another, diluting many solutions with variable ratios, restricting digest setup, sample pooling, and pipetting that is already selected from archived sample banks. No wonder this instrument is truly number one not only in setting up PCR in parallel but also with variable master mixes.

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