QIAGEN – QIAcube Connect


QIAGEN QIAcube Connect is nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) or proteins centrifuge-based purification system. QIAcube Connect itself is actually an advanced version of the previous type, QIAcube. The differences lie in the technology used for the user interface and its ability to be managed remotely.

QIAcube Connect can extract up to 12 samples in a single run and, of course, it works automatically which also means it can increase productivity. Therefore, no wonder that QIAcube Connect is undoubtedly suitable for researches related to genotyping, proteomics, sequencing, and gene expression analysis. The worktable of this instrument consists of:

  • 3 tip/enzyme racks for easy loading
  • Sample tube holder/shaker
  • Bottle racks for reagents
  • Robotic arm with sensors
  • UV light for decontamination

Its automatic working system, which can even process with 3000 protocols of more than 80 QIAGEN kits, makes QIAcube Connect the smartest DNA/RNA/protein purification system, and it definitely makes researchers easier because it absolutely eliminates manual processing steps. Moreover, the user interfaces digital screen uses current and state-of-the-art technology that can be monitored easily thanks to its strategic location: on the middle side. With its futuristic design and a larger user interface digital screen, added with its ability to connect with tablet, it is not surprising that this Qiagen’s latest product will be one of the most sought after DNA/RNA/protein purification system. It will also provide you with accurate and standardized results.

The most interesting part is you can even manage and monitor it from far (remotely) with only a few touches! By simply setting up the protocol and then scan the barcode and sample IDs for import data, you are going to get every step, every inch of the progress report and even the comprehensive result via tablet in your hands. It is outstandingly modern, flexible, and accessible!