QIAGEN – HotStarTaq Plus Master Mix Kit


HotStarTaq Plus Master Mix contains HotStarTaq Plus DNA Polymerase, the unique QIAGEN PCR Buffer that minimizes the requirement for optimization, and dNTPs. The HotStarTaq Plus Master Mix Kit provides the same unrivalled highly specific and sensitive PCR as the HotStarTaq Master Mix Kit but combined with a fast 5-minute enzyme activation time. In addition, CoralLoad Concentrate, containing two gel-tracking dyes, is also provided for improved pipetting visualization and immediate gel-loading of PCR products.

For fast and highly specific amplification in all applications

  • Fast 5-minute enzyme activation time
  • Fewer pipetting steps reduces the risk of contamination
  • High PCR specificity without the need for optimization
  • Optional ready-to-load buffer additive for easier handling


Each lot of HotStarTaq Plus DNA Polymerase is subjected to a comprehensive range of quality control tests, including a stringent PCR specificity and reproducibility assay in which low-copy targets are amplified. HotStarTaq Plus Master Mix Kit outperforms kits from other suppliers and ensures high specificity and superior performance in hot-start PCR. The innovative PCR buffer provided with the kit ensures specificity over a wide range of PCR conditions, minimizing the need for optimization. CoralLoad Concentrate, also included with the kit, ensures greater convenience by improving pipetting visibility and allowing direct loading of PCR products onto a gel. CoralLoad Concentrate can be added to the PCR without affecting amplification sensitivity or specificity. PCR fragments amplified in the presence of CoralLoad Concentrate have been successfully tested for cloning and restriction digestion without prior purification.


QIAGEN PCR Buffer maintains specific amplification in every cycle of PCR by promoting a high ratio of specific-to-nonspecific primer binding during the annealing step in each PCR cycle. Owing to a uniquely balanced combination of KCl and (NH4)2SO4, the buffer provides stringent primer-annealing conditions over a wider range of annealing temperatures and Mg2+ concentrations than conventional PCR buffers. Optimization of PCR by varying the annealing temperature or the Mg2+ concentration is therefore often minimal or not required.

CoralLoad Concentrate

The HotStarTaq Plus Master Mix Kit contains CoralLoad Concentrate, which contains a gel-loading reagent and 2 gel-tracking dyes. CoralLoad Concentrate improves pipetting visibility and facilitates the estimation of DNA migration distance and optimization of agarose gel run time. When using CoralLoad Concentrate, PCR products can be directly loaded onto an agarose gel without prior addition of loading buffer.


The HotStarTaq Plus Master Mix Kit is highly suitable for a wide variety of applications, including challenging applications such as amplification of:

  • Complex genomic templates
  • Complex cDNA templates (e.g., RT-PCR)
  • Very low-copy targets (e.g., single-cell PCR)
  • Reactions with multiple primer pairs