OPSIS SoxROC Extraction


OPSIS – Innovative Wet Chemistry

OPSIS LiquidLINE, a division of OPSIS AB, develops and manufactures innovative systems for laboratories in the food and environmental industries. OPSIS AB has, after more than 30 years in the analytical business, taken another step to implement modern technology into wet chemistry and liquids. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective systems. Providing innovative Wet Chemistry solutions to laboratories worldwide.

The SoxROC Extraction Unit

OPSIS LiquidLINE brings, once again, innovation to the wet chemistry market.

  • Innovative batch handling reduces operator time
  • Unique sealing system improves recovery of solvents
  • Unique control of solvent removal adds flexibility

By tradition Soxhlet is associated with solvent extraction. However, during all the years since the Soxhlet method was described several improvements have been made. Maybe the most important was when hot extraction was launched. This drastically reduced the extraction time needed. The OPSIS LiquidLINE SoxROC Extraction Unit is based on Randall and Twisselmann techniques, using hot solvent and a closed system for optimal analytical conditions, still giving the same results as the classical and well accepted Soxhlet.

Reducing Time and Errors

  • With SoxROC, you can extract as many as 42 samples per day with no loss in precision or accuracy.
  • Automation of all extraction steps and an innovative batch handling reduces risk for errors.
  • Typically up to five times faster than the classical Soxhlet technique.

Reducing Costs and Use of Solvents

  • Unique sealing system with more than 90% recovery reduces cost for solvents and low water consumption saves water.
  • A large selection of seals, cups and standard thimbles reduces costs when changing between applications and solvents.
  • One single compact system without wires or computers reduces costs for installation and operation.

Adding Flexibility and Safety

  • Unique control of solvent reduction adds flexibility for different applications.
  • Security with high standard against dust, liquids and explosives. All valves close to solvents are ATEX classified.
  • Operator safety is important and the SoxROC is equipped with protection shield, closed addition of solvents, and easy removal of recovered solvents.

The SoxROC follows officially approved methods for fat extraction.

Higher levels of Efficiency and Automation

The SoxROC is designed to allow fully automatic extraction of up to 6 samples simultaneously. The SoxROC will perform the complete process of boiling, rinsing and recovery after inserting the samples. The pivoting hotplate will ensure rapid cooling afterwards.

Saving Costs

OPSIS LiquidLINE engineers have spent considerable time to create a closed system which gives high efficiency on heating and high recovery of solvents. This makes the SoxROC a very cost efficient solution

Added Flexibility and Solvent Control

The SoxROC can store up to six different extraction applications which at any time easily can be reprogrammed. To ensure flexibility, a solvent control and a large selection of accessories are available.

Operator Safety

Every care has been taken to ensure that the SoxROC is safe and can be used in a safe way by the operator. To avoid contact with solvents it is possible to add solvents inside the instrument. It is also easy to remove solvents with the flexible recovery tank.

One Integrated System

The SoxROC is easy to install in your lab. The system is small and compact with no need for additional computers, wires, or compressors.