New England BioLabs Restriction Enzyme


As a manufacturer that contributes to the development of molecular diagnostics in the global market, of course NEB offers its best products which are its main advantage, namely restriction enzymes. As we know, restriction enzymes are essential for cutting DNA. Because restriction enzymes are vulnerable, it is important to pay attention to several aspects, one of which is a restriction enzyme that has the ability to achieve High-Fidelity (HF) and avoid star activity.

In order to achieve HF Restriction Enzymes and prevent star activity, NEB provides the best applications so that the process of cutting (by the enzyme restriction) runs more easily, does not take a long time, but still gives optimal results. So that deviations or things that are feared to occur during the process, such as cutting off the original site or too many enzyme units that grow to be too much, can be avoided early on.

NEB also provides a one-for-all application called CutSmart® Buffer. NEB CutSmart® Buffer is the best application in providing or creating the best conditions for restriction enzymes to grow properly. As a result, the enzyme will be able to work optimally and give maximum results as well. The NEB CutSmart® Buffer also includes bovine serum albumin (BSA) or bovine blood protein in it so researchers don’t have look for additional BSA anymore.

The interesting thing is, NEB also offers one of the new breakthroughs in the world of restriction enzymes, namely RE-Mix® Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes. By using NEB RE-Mix® Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes, the restriction process becomes more flexible because it can include more than 210 restriction enzymes for many applications. In addition, the NEB RE-Mix® Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes are also equipped with buffers, BSA, and electrophoretic gel dyes. So, researchers do not need to bother using certain buffers to follow certain types of enzymes as well, because everything can be done with only one type of buffer. Practical, efficient, and really saves time, considering this application is also equipped with Time-Saver™ Qualified Restriction Enzymes that can shorten the restriction process from generally taking about one hour to only 5-15 minutes! In fact, if you want to do the restriction process overnight it can also be without losing or experiencing the slightest sample damage.

Besides that, to make the cutting process more optimal, there are a number of things that must be considered in relation to restriction enzymes:

  • Enzymes must always be placed in a low temperature (cold place)
  • Enzymes must be the last component to be added. Keep in mind that when mixing it with other components, the test tube must be shaken slowly. Then, put it immediately into the microcentrifuge in a slow spin condition
  • We recommend using 5-10 units of enzymes per µg DNA and 10-20 units for genomic DNA
  • Use using NEB RE-Mix® Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes for the restriction enzyme process if a more complex restriction process is needed

A set of restriction enzyme requirements from NEB (including NEB CutSmart® Buffer and NEB RE-Mix® Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes) can be purchased through our company PT GeneCraft Labs and the complete list of Restriction Enzyme can be found in New England Biolabs website by clicking here.

New England BioLabs (NEB) is a world-renowned manufacturer that supplies a variety of laboratory needs that focus on the field of molecular biology. Found in the mid 1970s in the United States, this company was formed thanks to a group of scientists who have the desire to create and develop the best products that can help researchers not only in the realm of genomic (enzyme) research, but also the PCR method, gene expression, sample preparation for sequencing, biological biology, glycobiology, and epigenetic and RNA analysis.