Mettler Toledo RAININ E4 XLS+ Single Channel LTS Micropipette


Mettler Toledo is a specialist manufacturer of industrial instruments, weighing solutions (retail), and laboratory instruments from the United States. In laboratory fields, Mettler Toledo produces RAININ pipettes with variety of functions, sizes, and specifications or other features that keeps up with the trend. Its focus on developing pipettes for laboratory research needs makes Mettler Toledo the most prestigious pipette provider in the world. As a proof of its high dedication in serving wide-range customers and showing the quality of its big name in laboratory researches, now Mettler Toledo also has many official branch providers in several countries such as Germany, Britain, Switzerland, and the People’s Republic of China. Therefore. Therefore, it is not surprising that many researchers around the world are really familiar with the trademarks “RAININ Pipette” or “Mettler Toledo Micropipette”.

Research needs in this era are and will always increasingly shifting towards modern laboratories with more complex demands. So, no wonder sophisticated pipettes are always needed, added with additional equipment or other complementary accessories that can support laboratory activities from time to time. This makes almost all of the Mettler Toledo RAININ Pipette are equipped with unique features and settings, and are very user-friendly, so that it can make researchers monitor and adjust sample volume smoothly. On the other hand, Mettler Toledo also provides advanced semi-automatic pipetting instruments that are compatible with more types of liquid samples such as RAININ BenchSmart 96.

RAININ E4 XLS+ Single Channel LTS Micropipette is one of the top RAININ products with two pipette tips options: the universal tips and the LTS tips. The LTS pipette tip is a special pipette tip that is only produced by Mettler Toledo RAININ. What makes it special is the cylindrical-shaped hook, making it easier to connect the pipette and the tip. In only one simple click, the gap between the pipette and the tip will be sealed and connected perfectly, so it will not loose (like universal tips).

Mettler Toledo Pipette RAININ E4 XLS+ Single Channel LTS Micropipette offers the latest breakthrough in making pipetting becomes a fun, comfortable activity. With its easy-to-read and totally user-friendly user interface, this tool does not work like any other (general) pipettes you have ever known. Since it is an automatic electronic pipette, it is notably modern, convenient, and relaxing. Forget about the stress you usually get from pipetting. By simply pressing the setting button and rotating the knob-shaped cursor with your thumb, everything works like a magic. The menu design of the user interface is also very simple and easy to interpret. Completed with a small screen it is very simple and not even complicated to understand, you can understand various choices of instructions in it in a smooth way. The instructions not only consist of basic, advanced, multi-dispense, manual, and reverse pipetting, but also dilute, and titrate.

RAININ E4 XLS+ Single Channel LTS Micropipette is also available in various volumes:

Just like its name, Mettler Toledo Pipette RAININ E4 XLS+ Single Channel LTS Micropipette, this advanced pipette is only equipped with a single sample tip that is very useful for researchers who works with a very few samples. This pipette is also so precise that it is very easy to take even the smallest amount of sample.

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