Fume Hood – JISICO


This fume hood by JISICO includes a water and gas line, along with lighting and electrical outlets. These fixtures are constructed using anti-corrosive materials and both the top plate and sink made of epoxy resin (DURCON, Inc. USA). These features ensure this hood remains corrosion-free. A strong and durable exhaust fan along with clear windows made of transparent glass (5mm) were added for safety.


  • Epoxy resin top plate & sink (DURCON Inc. USA) guarantees corrosion-free fume hood.
  • All the internal fixtures including water & gas lines, light sources, and power outlets are made of anti-corrosive materials.
  • A powerful exhaust fan motor offers efficient and quick ventilation. The window with transparent safety glass (5mm) provides a clear view.

Specification of JISICO Fume Hood

  • Model J-NFH120, J-NFH150, J-NFH180
  • Size wide (mm) 1,218 1,524 1,829 depth (mm) 787 height (mm) 2,300 exhaust (mm) Ø200
  • Working table: Epoxy resin top plate and sink
  • Window Safety clear glass(5mm), open/close: balance weighing type
  • Utility water cock 1 2 2 gas cock 1 2 2 vacuum cock 1 2 2 socket 1 2 2
  • Blower motor (Hp) 2
  • Material interior
  • Phenolic treated kraft sheets (LAMIS) exterior body
  • Stainless steel plate with powder-coated finish & wooden door cabinet
  • Steel plate with powder-coated finish
  • Power source & consumption AC 230V 50/60Hz 3phase

*Information, design, and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

JISICO was founded as JEIL SCIENTIFIC CO. in June 1967. Since then, JISICO has been manufacturing about 100 products of physical and chemical experiment apparatuses such as drying oven, constant temperature incubator, constant temperature, and humidity chamber, autoclave sterilizer, glove box, etc. Those products are supplied widely to the laboratories of academic fields including domestic universities of science and engineering, industrial research institutes, national and public research agencies, and the examining rooms of general hospitals.

JISICO is a medium manufacturing venture business for physical and chemical R&D. The name was changed to JISICO CO., LTD by increasing capital to accomplish the company management reform in the year of 2001

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