The ULK circulating cooler serves as a universal cooler for the entire laboratory and industry. It is a real alternative to tap water cooling. The unit is characterized by its flexible use in various applications. On the one hand the 9.5 litre coolant tank can provide high temperature stability or can operate as a cold reservoir to help cushion cooling demand peaks. On the other hand, by minimally filling the device you have a very dynamic system with short cooling times which can quickly react to your cooling demands. Due to its compact space-saving design with a low-noise cooling unit, the circulating cooling is suitable for direct use in the workplace.


  • Energy-efficient: Fan with EC technology
  • Low noise level:
    • Particularly quiet components
    • Fan adjusts its speed to the required value
  • User-friendly:
    • Integrated funnel
    • Self-sealing hose connector with quick coupling
    • Drain cock
  • High-quality components:
    • Touchscreen controller with high-grade glass screen
  • and integrated flow and digital fill level indicators
    • Components from renowned German manufacturers
    • Refrigeration unit: fully hermetically sealed, air-cooled,
  • Low maintenance
  • High operational reliability:
    • Freeze-up and thermal overload protection
    • Flow control with dry running protection
    • Optical and acoustical alarm
    • Error messages are displayed in plain text
  • Proven standard:
    • MOD bus interface


  • Operation with natural coolants
  • Heating for extended temperature range
  • Portable version
  • Potential-free alarm contact with connection to an external alarm system
  • Voltage input for externally setting the set point
  • Voltage output for reading the actual value
  • Interface converter/gateway from RS485 to USB or Ethernet
  • Optional direct measurement of the application’s temperature with an external gauge; by subsequently
  • setting the set point, greater temperature stability can be achieved than with a standard system
  • Hose connection 10mm


  • Thermo-Insulated Tubing:

Silicon tube: ID 12,5mm, to 6.0 bar, to -30°C, with fabric,

for DLK 602 to DLK 2002

  • Contact Sensor PT 100: (Suitable for all FRYKA products which can be connected to an external temperature sensor)
  • Stainless steel tube 4mm x 130mm long
  • Silicon cable available in 1m or 2m length
  • Roll Frame
  • HKF Coolant 15.1 MW65