EZ2 Connect


EZ2 Connect – QIAGEN

EZ2 Connect by QIAGEN is a benchtop instrument for automated isolation of nucleic acids from up to 24 samples in parallel, using sealed prefilled cartridges; includes 1-year warranty on parts and labor.


Product Details

The EZ2 Connect automates its prefilled cartridge-based workflows to process up to 24 samples at the same time. This benchtop instrument automatically pierces the sealed cartridges, heats samples for incubation, and automates pipetting of beads, buffers, even enzymes, to automate many pretreatment steps that were previously not automatable. It’s intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to use, even for new lab workers. And with its remote connectivity feature, you can monitor your runs and manage your instrument even from outside the lab.

No matter what sample type you need to work with – whether FFPE samples, liquid biopsy samples, trace samples, cells, tissue, whole blood or other sample types – you can get an EZ2 Connect Kit that is run with preprogrammed protocols. Meet your research lab’s need for throughput, reproducibility and flexibility by using this.



The EZ2 Connect helps research labs attain a whole new level of flexibility and convenience by fully automating nucleic acid extraction from a wide variety of sample types.

Boost the speed and reproducibility of your experiments by drastically reducing manual pipetting steps and replacing them with EZ2 Connect’s prefilled-reagent-cartridge system. Increase your lab throughput by processing up to 24 samples all at the same time.

The EZ2 Connect is also QIAsphere-ready, so you can monitor your runs and manage your instrument remotely, by installing the QIAsphere app on your preferred tablet or smartphone or by accessing the QIAsphere web app through your laptop or desktop browser.



Nucleic acids purified using this instrument and the appropriate QIAGEN kits can be used for sensitive analytical detection in downstream assays such as PCR, dPCR or NGS