BRUKER Life Science GenoXtract®


BRUKER Life Science GenoXtract®Automated nucleic acid extraction of up to 12 samples

Bruker Life Science GenoXtract® allows the automated extraction of nucleic acids from various sample materials. The 12-channel pipetting system allows up to 12 samples to be processed at the same time. The DNA/RNA extraction is based on the innovative “magnetic bead technology“ and permits high-quality sample preparation. Pulmonary and extrapulmonary samples, stool, blood, urine, serum, swabs, or cell pellets may be used as sample material.

A specific extraction kit is used to extract nucleic acids from the specific patient material in each case. The nucleic acids isolated from the samples with Bruker Life Science GenoXtract® are then transferred into reaction containers and are directly available for processing with the test systems of the FluoroType®GenoType, and GenoQuick® product series. By means of the innovative pump system, different sample volumes can be processed. An integrated heating block to heat samples up to 100°C ensures elution of the nucleic acids. A UV lamp is used for decontamination and can be optionally turned on after sample processing. By simultaneously processing up to 12 samples, the GenoXtract® is optimally suited for low to medium throughput.

Your benefits with the Bruker Life Science GenoXtract® and the GXT Extraction Kits

  • Efficient extraction with innovative technology: The GXT Extraction Kits are based on a “magnetic bead technology” and enable high-quality sample preparation. A high yield and purity of the isolated nucleic acids are therefore ensured.
  • Special pipetting technology for assured results: An innovative system consisting of a disposable pipette tip and pump, replacing extensive pumps and tubing. The pump/tip assembly is a closed system reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Reliable diagnostics from one source: The isolated nucleic acids can be used in combination with test systems of the FluoroType®GenoType, and GenoQuick® product series. Thus we offer a complete process package from isolation to detection as the basis of assured results.
  • Multifunctional and flexible processing: Using the GenoXtract®, nucleic acids can be isolated from various sample materials, such as pulmonary and extrapulmonary samples, stool, or blood. The special pipetting system enables the processing of up to 12 samples, but also the isolation of individual samples is possible.
  • Easy operation for simple routine diagnostics: The various programs are already installed and can be directly accessed. Additionally, the prefilled reagent cartridges of the GXT Extraction Kits facilitate your daily work.